love tarot reading- interpretation, please

  • Hi all, i did an online tarot love reading yesterday and i think an overall outlook is pretty good (a reading full of positive emotions as a lot of cup cards appeared), but what's intriguing for me is the Tower card in the how you feel position. Does is mean that in the view of the recipient of the reading the person's prospects in the love department are not very promising, which can have a negative impact on the outcome? It's a strong card and for me it does not have positive connotations. Can anyone comment on that?

    The question was: What comes my way as far as love?

    1. The cover (present situation) 5 of cups
    2. The crossing (helps and hindrances) 10 of pentacles
    3. Foundation (important past event) the Lovers
    4. What has passed (recent past) the World
    5. Possible outcome (this may or may not happen) 2 of cups
    6. Immediate future (something to watch for) 10 of cups
    7. How you feel (your opinion of the situation) the Tower
    8. What others feel (other person opinion of the situation) the Star
    9. Hopes and fears (your subconscious) Page of pentacles
    10. The resolution (most likely outcome) 6 of cups

    i need to add that there is a man i care for in my life, but it's not a conventional kind of a relationship.

  • @moonalisa Here's what I see...

    You've achieved your worldly endeavors, you're in a comfortable place in that way, but something emotionally for you is lacking in your full sense of abundance. In order to achieve that, some structures that you've created for yourself will need to be undone, changed, or reshaped. This is something you've been resisting or fearful of. Change can be scary. You have the potential for love, it's within your reach, if you're willing to let go of something the way it is now, could be an idea or belief, or the way you live right now. If you let go or allow the changes that are trying to happen in your life, I think people will sense this renewal. I believe it will draw the right people to you.

    The page I'm thinking, is saying that this new love will likely result in children in the future. And this is either something that you want or fear. But you will find a warm sense of fulfillment and reminiscence with the addition of a child.

    Or, you may be afraid of being with someone younger than you either in attitude or in age. You don't want to be brought down, or deal with childish games, or be hurt by their young and foolish ways, but I think it's saying that this will more than likely result in feelings of youth and fun. You'll feel like a kid again and love it.

    Quick caveat, I'm a novice, so trust your own gut over mine. I'm just giving you my 2 cents.

  • Thank you IrieEden, what you are saying is very interesting. i have my life kind of structured and maybe you are right, i am fearful of change which i feel is coming. If i want to achieve and have what is missing in my life i would need to reorganize everything and that's a bit scary.:) i think your second explanation of Page pf pentacles is more correct. The man i am in love with is older than me but has very youthful attitude. You have a good feel about the whole situation so thank you for your comment.:)

  • @moonalisa You are very welcome! I'm so glad it wasn't way off. Best of luck to you! Be brave, life is an adventure!

  • I think you don't use reversal cards, so I would like to try (I use reversal).
    The cards look more like breaking up and reconnect and receiving.
    Because you are asking a particular man without too much information, please correct me if the whole direction is off. It would be different if the man is married.

    I guess you feel sorrowful now because you just passed a stage of ending something, could be a project you worked together or the relationship changed.
    Maybe you two used to be close and talked a lot and you want to make thing move on more. However, i think someone is more emotionally reserved in this relationship.
    There is a chance that you can reconcile and it's a positive prospect.

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  • Thanks so much for your feedback, I think you could be softer when you talk to him.
    Good luck to you!

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  • No, I mean to be more feminine, softer and let him feel you need to be taken cared of.

  • Ok, thank you for your reply.

  • You are very welcome! Happy to help anytime.

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