Positivity is a way of life?

  • You are absolutely correct. As I said I still have some maturing to do in certain areas. I am here to learn just like everyone else. And you clarified that you get peace from a positive mentality not happiness. Even though happiness usually follows. I am glad you dont think that your life will be in a perfect state of bliss from being positive. I really dont like when people try to preach that because I have heard that before and I think its wrong to tell people in pain something like that. To me suffering is part of life and you are right it isnt necessarily negative to suffer...its all in perception. Being positive keeps us strong, in times of crisis no doubt. Have had that experience many many times. But where does the strength come from? I feel it is supernatural from the heavens. I wouldnt feel a lot of hope or strenght without knowing that there is higher beings loving us, guiding us, and helping us stay in a positive state. I was trying to figure out where you are comin gfrom on this subject because I have also heard peopl esay that if you believe only positive then nothing will ever go wrong and I think that is very false. I am getting the impression thats not what you are trying to say at all.

  • Thank you redwicdonna. I appreciate your perspective. Sometimes I do find it challenging the work part of changing my thoughts. I could go on and on here....I am working on the eyes I see w/ and how I experience life. Sometimes the best I can do is just be real. But I hear ya, we all want peace.I am interested in how you choose the positive when who you are is challenged if you care to share.

    The moment when we have that choice sometimes my old behavior kicks in and later I see I could have just let it be where I reacted.

    Loveinmylife thank you too for being real. In intense situations and I have walked thru losing loved ones and health issues amongst other dark nights of the soul and I think (meaning I don't know for certain) but my experience in such things strengthen us in many positive ways altho we may be crying. Genuine feeling is positive, honoring what is and accepting to the best of our abilities. Embracing the moment, fortitude to do what's right. I don't think positivity has to be a "cheerful" demeanor at all times but possibly an accepting one. Being kind to ourselves when being unhappy where we are. Acceptance is my word due to my control issues and my fears/anger.

    I almost said it's something I'm "working" on. 🙂 I have my cynical side but I try to treat it like a cranky friend listen but not give it a lot of energy. Thanks everyone great topic.

  • pfree thanks for the validation it is very very appreciated. ( :

  • pfree--examples of positivity...uuhmm I do it so naturally now it is interesting to express just how...and to lovinmylife--I hope you are reading this also it may help with the clarity. Last evening my husband called to check in and let me know what was up/ I could hear that hesitation in his voice(I use active listening/do not do two things at once) multitasking is a whole different subject --so I asked him what is right? vs what's wrong? Of course he let me know that shipments and delays were not on schedule and it would affect his pay directly. I asked if he had done everything that he could do-a quick yes reply-then I asked why he was not accepting the path that our maker wanted him to take and had he prayed about it and had he let the nagativity go yet? yes nag is want I meant He said well no He was calling me to let me know how "bad" it was going to be...I told him that if he believed it was going to be that bad then it would be but if he believed it was happening to help him learn something and he was allowing this to "drag" him down thaen it would...thanks and later...he called back in about two hours and had a different 'attitude'--he had implemented the positve thoughts by accepting and believing there was a good reason . He was then able to go to sleep with peace. This noon I called to check in and he informed me that the situation had completely changed and there was a $2oo. increase directly in his pay alone due to the new freight and shipments when the snaffoo was worked out. When I come into contact with a situation that "feels" so negative that I start to change/modify my thoughts/words before I allow this to effect my actions--I step back and de-personalize the situation to get a clear perespective just this simple act of stopping the nagativity is how I find I am stronger than I think I am and I always am grateful and appreciative to my maker(s) AND TELL THEM and I am not saying it is easier in fact "ignorance is bliss" is something THAT TENDS to trip me up. I have realized negativity is brought into my life to help me with whatever it is that I need help with and I thank the universe for allowing me to even experience this enlightenment. Finding the positive is a better way for me and I have/do witness it in others. The yin and yang of life the balance is why I choose positivity...because there is an excess of negativity in our world. Hint one must know thyself and have the courage to be real. I love the journey. For every low there is a high Peace and Blessings Be

  • Very intresting, thanks for sharing. Yes I believe any negative situation can be turned around and used for our benefit. Thats a very different approach that you were using, I like it. Good work. ( :

  • Awesome, I aspire to be-ing, acceptance, non resistance. What came up for me was your patience. I'm not known for mine I must say so it stuck out. Thank you for sharing that. And the gentle reminder to thank the Universe too.

    I spent a lot of time in my head yesterday riding my bike to work( I work a few hrs a week helping elderly folks w/ their home, cleaning painting etc) as I was painting trying to find a word to replace my "work" in progress. Of course "ease" came up and a familiar loving kindness meditation came to mind.....May all beings be of quiet minds and open hearts, may all beings be safe and protected free from all inner and outer harm, may all beings be healthy and whole, may all beings be happy and contented and experience ease and well being. Thank you for reminding me of it.

    Cheers Pfree

  • I have said it before and I repeat it: Just because I use the word God or the Allmighty, does not mean that I am religious in a fanatic way or something. I even did mention different religions as equally true, since I believe there is only one creator, but that the system that we put it in is a system for the mind, not for the soul.

    Pfree: You are blessed with wisdom. I am sorry for being pressured into a direction of christianity. That has done harm to many that I know. It is wrong to do that. Although that is also why I used the word Allmigty. Because it does not matter what name we give it or what mind-system we use to explain the healing of the soul. What fits one does not fit another. We are individuals and need different approaches. If at all in need of approaching.

  • TheHangedWoman,

    Thank you. The labeling issue is just my "stuff"(ego) I had a baptist upbringing "fear" of "God" and all that. So there are certain phrases words etc that trigger my stuff. My resistance. We all have our preferences. I by no means intend to make anyones approach wrong. It's just in my nature to walk away from being preached at. I can embrace a spirit of sharing beliefs etc. honoring but being "told" doesn't usually work for me. A lot of times it's the ears I hear w/. projecting. I do hear ya tho, it does not matter what mind system we use, good way to put it. I interpret that as the ego(our heads) can get in the way of Spirit.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Am not so new here ,i have been reading a lot of thread on this site.What can i say? thumbs up to all of guys for every single topic.

  • Idk, it's a no-brainer! Yes yes yes !!!!

    Faith faith faith

    believe believe believe

    I am a sufferer, longggg story. Yet--yet-

    keep going or go!

    Had a death / but chose to live experience long ago...Anorexia.

    Long story (again!), a being came to me and that was the first question, do you want to stay or go?

    I'm still here. So, IMO yah!

    Positivity or why waste time???!!!

    Just a thought...Happy Everything, ya know...

    Holidaze Solstice New Year et al

    Lisa =D

  • Leoscorpion, your first post here in this thread was very cool. You are one cool woman! I am naturally a very negative person. There are some who are naturally positive. I need to work extra hard to be positive, but i just dont feel like it can ever happen.

    Do you guys really believe in Karma??? I never believed in karma until I met my first bf.

    I still dont want to believe in it. I think if you believe in karma, then you don't believe in forgiveness. There's too much bitterness in this world. Too much revenge and payback, or "you'll get what you deserve" type of madness.

    I was introduced to karma. I don't want to believe in it though. I want to believe in forgiveness. Not vengefullness. maybe its because i dont want to get the negativity I have given out. Im sure he doesnt either. I don't want to believe in payback either, but why is that thought engraved in our minds?? No matter what, people always want to believe in what comes around goes around. Its mean! Just forgive and move on. If jesus died for our sins... and if we are truly forgiven... there is no need for karma in this world. Karma needs to leave.

  • IGOHumble--you missed the point your comments are oxymoronic and Karma is not something you get introduced to...Happy Yule and you can be the change in the world that you are so negative about however faith is necessary--especially in your self. If ...and If...and if...IF. IF is a statement of doubt--lack of faith--that is prevalent in your life. Please know that you must take the step of what you believe and be prepared and knowledgable before the questions you pose/results banished/peace found will ever be attempted..How will you reach a way of enlightenment if you do not know thyself? little alone any of the ideals you purpose I wish you growth. Blessings Be RedwicDonna

  • Hi RedwicDonna,

    I truly believe in Karma. It is like all challenging things in life have some lesson to be learned from them a gleam of wisdom if we are only but to open our eyes to that. It takes me sometimes longer than others to appreciate the wisdom and change requested from some of those lessons than others..but with each thing a lesson is to be learned and growth is to be made. I suspect the thing I am now being asked to give up right now is the one thing I have so stubbornly held on to for years...smoking cigarettes. Also to embrace my empath ablities rather than to try to subdue or ignore them as I have at times in the past. I have been on a path for a while in which has caused me to go to those dark areas that you mentioned we must look at and find healing and growth within ourselves. the witness that can not be fooled. if we are truly honest. Now I feel stagnant as to how to move forwards as I do not truly know how to embrace a gift I do not truly understand well enough in order to help others without it being detremental to my own physical wellbeing. Any insight on how to approach such a Karmic situation would be greatly appreciated.


  • igohumble

    WOW I can't believe I missed your post for one year LOL

    well I don't know if you are still here

    but what comes around goes around, is a universal law

    the only problem is that people equate life challenges with negativity

    life challenges are there for us to learn from them

    being negative or positive, is how we deal with life challenges

    because life is to learn and move forward

    it is important to experience everything, hardship and joyful moments etc

    no beings in the cosmos are naturally negative or positive

    there is good and bad in everybody, this means everybody has the capacity of sending both negative and positive energy

    this is what free will is all about

    you are FREE to send whatever energy you wish to send any time

    after all, you are the one who will be receiving it back : )

    the first step to send out positivity, is to INTEND it

    and once the intention is clear, follow it up with action

    positivity is anything that supports life, forgiveness is one of them

    this one is the hardest lesson I still need to digest

    I woud prefer to listen to the truth,

    than to fake sweet words or MEAN-ingless gossips, wouldn't you?

  • I saw you thread title and was drawn to reinforce it. Yes positive thoughts manifest through your emotions and feelings and then actions. You attract what you carry. Emotional healing and cousel is important for others living in negativity. When ones to seek help they are seeking to find truth about themselves, that is often the first steo to manifesting positive energy.

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