Positivity is a way of life?

  • If all/most humans want/need the 'good' in their life then why does it appear to be so diffucult to BE the CHANGE you want to see in the world? Most of my social encounters involves reminding them that if you want positive things to happen then you need to be positive about it. And normally i receive a yea-yea but... Is That not the Solution?? Eradicating the But and yes you can take that any way you choose and it still is true and real. Love to hear some feedback. Blessings Be

  • unfortunately this is how the majority of people emphasizes life in this era. what is physical and material is the most concern. this way of thinking has separated many of us from our core, our psyche, the link to the universe and the truth. our spiritual life has been ignored and the air has been polluted with negative energies rather than positive.

    people do not understand how the universe works. what we send out we will get it back. let's say I send out negative energy A and the person who receives it send me negative B. the universe will return negative A to me and B to the other. if the other person, when receiving negative A, send me positive B, the universe will only send negative A to me and no one else will receive anything negative. it's a simple math and chemistry. but since the emphasis is on the physical or the ego, people are more concerned on showing who is stronger, better, faster whatever. negative energies, multiplied by each actions, billions of people populating the earth, are poisoning all of us, even those who are enlightened will need to withdraw to recharge.

    but then again we are all here for a purpose. specifically to us and generally to all of us. generally, we are here to learn, to be aware, to return to our core self and help others achieve the same. the universe has thrown us challenges to be faced and to be learned from. it also has thrown us help in the form of guides from the spirit world and our physical world. what we have to do, is wake up. and to wake up, we have to each find the way to regain balance and get in tune to our psyche, our spiritual core.

    people want fast answers in times of trouble. they do not prevent, but they want fast cure. they are not cautious, but they want safety. the society emphasizes on speed where the universe emphasizes on quality. what is speed, if we have to get there with half baggage? we supposed to arrive in our destination with full baggage, contend and enlightened. but for the sake of speed, any of us have thrown half of the baggage and therefore life is lived with no balance.

    this is why I do not want to ask my spirit guide about the future. my mentor was shown what will happen, she did not tell me or anyone else, she was not allowed to. for the whole world will reap what the whole world have sown. by then, fear and pointing fingers will be out of the question.

  • Namaste redwicdonna. Interesting point you make. Being the change we want to see in the world involves digging down deep into the darkness of our selves. Most people have little interest in such a thing because not only does it require brutal honesty, it requires us to take full resonsibility for every thought, word, and deed. And of course, it requires one to put forth the effort TO change. It also asks of us forgiveness, of self and others.

    Four whammies that the common man would prefer to ignore.

    There is too much emphasis put, I think, on the "power of positive thinking", however, this ofttimes difficult practice brings to light what most needs to be seen or worked out within. It shakes things up; it creates a positive struggle. We swim forward, sometimes with one fin.

    We have to decide what we want more. Do we want to acknowledge who we truly are and act in accord with it, garnering all the joys that are inherent to our nature? Do we want to understand that we ARE the expression of our good, or just donate a couple bucks to random charities at the holidays? Will we choose to keep banging around the planet, unconscious, unenlightened and unhappy?

    Or will we choose to be something more?

    This choice is the first step that leads to living an extraordinary life.



  • Namaste All,

    Before one can live in positivity, they must identify and deal with the negativity. Dealing with negative elements, shortcomings, bad habits, is as much a part of the human experience as reaping the benefits of all your hard work. In some cases where I have read about "The powers of positive thinking" it seems as if the message is to trick the universe into making you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams (some marketing campaigns actually say this!!). While I believe in the power of affirmations, I think it is more important to know thyself, accept the challenges that have been given to you and concientiously deal with the negative first; after all you need to make room for the positive abundance that is forthcoming. I have spent the past year finally addressing my own shortcomings, those issues that were inherent upon my birth which have colored every negative area of my life--this is huge. Simply beacause none of the traditional methods of treatment had worked in the past (therapy, medication and spending thousands on the latest feel good cure all) I decided to grow up and take responsability for my issues, I fully acknowledged the life long barbs as my issues and they had to be dealt with. I quit the "why me" attitude and looked forward to dealing with the real issues with the same vigor as cleaning out my closets! I guess it took so long to get to this point because I have always let life happen to me and bumbled along in a responsive manner. Dont get me wrong, I have had a really good and fulfilling experience in those areas that I have accepted responsabilty for (motherhood/marriage/work), it was my attitude that needed to rise to the occassion. After all whats the sense in having enviable areas of life if you feel like its temporary and will all be taken away because deep down inside you dont feel as though you deserve it! That had to change. Once I accepted responsability to accept my life, I accepted that what I had were merits of my actions/attitude for good or bad. Dealing with the negative has only enhanced the positive for me, I think this would be true for all. Delving into my past hurts helped me to reveal a clearer path to understanding, (delving is easy for me Cancer Sun/Scorp rising/8th house stellium--and yes most of my issues were hangovers from early life and the family of origin!!!). I used crystal healing to assist me on my journey, studying and experimenting crystals has been a real life changer (amongst other tools). The most intense aspect of this was the work and healing that came from using Black Obsidian, for the purpose of revealing the source of the past hurts so I could understand where they come from, and work through them. I had no idea of the intense spiritual effects this would have on me. I found myself dealing with th same feelings I had early in life but on a much broader spectrum. I hadnt been that abused little kid for a long time-but realized that I did carry the hurt and shame from the abuse all my life, I was able to clearly identify the root of the hurt (guess what? I DIDNT DESERVE THAT, and I DIDNT CAUSE IT!). Every area of my life that was effected by this negative energy was exposed to me. I suddenly remembered situations (with intense clarity) and got to see (alsoo with intense clarity) how I mishandled or avoided the issue. I have spent the last 6 months dealing with these issues and taking the opportunity to identify any shortcomings. The old me would have resented that horrible stone for mking me feel so scared and uncertain and giving me more work to avoid those horrible feelings....again/still.....rather I was amazed by the instant work it provided and cutting right to the core when I was ready to deal with it. It truly is an amazing experience. I truly feel as though my path is opening wide and I finally feel as though my life is worth all the work. My daily affirmations regard deserving all the greatness the universe provides and knowing that I am worth it. My life has not gotten any easier (I am not one to take the easy road anyway), it has just gotten a lot better, worth the work and deserving of the happiness. Positive affirmations are a part of my path, I use them several times everyday, but as supportive measures. I trust the universe has only good in store for me and I am learning to tap into it.

    In love & Light,


  • Wow...

    This is sooooo timely a discussion!!!

    Good for everybody. 🙂

    maybe someone could offer some insight--suggestions for me?

    Ok, my 15 yr old girl is recovering from anorexia nervosa. She's trying, I and my husband, her Dad, are all trying to stay on track with the " handing back control" of her food intake,(normalizing eating),to her. It's a very tricky stage. And my dilemma is: she still needs some vigilance from us, some guidance let's say. We are her safety net. Her weight slipped a bit- but she's maintaining it.

    How on earth does one stay positive and show her confidence that we believe she CAN do this, hopefully even gain back a few lbs., yet remain vigilant??!!

    Because the truth is, she still does need our protection at this point. But it sure seems like a mixed message, IMO!

    " honey, we believe in you, you can and will beat this disease!" ( positive)

    "well, honey, you are not eating enough to gain back the weight, so we need to help, ie make sure you're eating enough...more supervision" (negative?)

    I'm sooooo wanting to be all positive, yet my childs health and recovery are at stake here!

    Any advice at all would be so very appreciated. Eating Disorders are considered to be the gravest psychiatric illness. It's very scary. We've come so far, losing ground isn't an option. Yet, on her own, she's trying but it's slippery...Help us stay positive, yet responsible?!!?!

    Thanks soooo much, everyone!

    Lisa xxx

    that negative sounding? Like, we aren't confident she CAN do it on her own yet...?

  • Until our children can treat themselves well and be responsible there will be times when being "positive" will not be soft and fluffy. She needs the truth, and you are giving it to her.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you, Pfree,

    so very much. And your timing is exquisite!

    Not only are you absolutely correct, and I suppose in my heart and soul (my husband's, too), we know this-just needed affirmation!-but: right after I posted, my dear, sensitive (Pisces) daughter and I had a TRUE heart-to-heart...and I calmly and firmly, with Big Love, told her the truth about what "Daddy and I would be doing, ie stepping in again, to help her get back on track." I assured her that this is very normal in a recovery, it's not a failure, it's nobody's fault. Very matter-of-fact, gentle but "this is what parents/caregivers do to keep progress happening, period...we love her too much to NOT step back in!" we said,"Well, sweetheart-we all thought you were ready, and we know you're really trying, however, I guess it was a little too much, a little too soon." we will be in charge while you heal some more, then try again. We all learned so much from this.

    And, of course, she was very relaxed--relieved, we could feel her energy change instantly! Poor girl, it was no doubt a scary thing for her!

    EDs are torture for the victim and the loved ones.

    We won't stop short of full recovery...freedom!

    Phew! Sorry, guess I needed to vent, or unload!

    Things are getting nice, positive...funny how things happen, huh?

    And we have a New Moon!

    Please accept my gratititude!


  • Namaste Score,

    I am so glad your talk went well. Your love and support will be pinnacle in your daughters recovery, NOTHING is more important to a child than having the love and care of your parents. I went through a similar experience with my son a few years ago when he was in high school. Although he wasnt anorexic, he had many issues to deal with and his eating disorder was symptomatic of the imbalance in his life. You have heard of the term Manorexic and that was what he was striving to become! Super Model - Super Thin, he was out of control. He was changing and was genuinely happy with his initial weight loss, but then went to the extreme. His father and I had to intervene - which I think was a requirement as he was only 15-16 at the time, I never felt as though I was too involved. He wasnt old enough to drive or vote so why would he be able to face this issue on his own, I dont question my involvement one bit. We watched him very closely and monitored his appearance, his mannerisms and his food intake. We just wanted him to know that he was worth fighting for, he was worth the work to get better. I also had to instill a belief in him that he would be OK and that he had to work to achieve his inner balance. I encouraged him to look at the big picture and look a few years down the road and understand that the choices he makes today affect his world; it made a difference. We are well past high school and he is a powerful young man who learned more than your average high schooler. He is aware of who he is and the power of his actions.

    Giving your daughter hope for her future is the best gift you can give. Showing her that she is worth the effort to be a healthy, well balanced thriving human being is priceless. She needs to know or start thinking that she deserves all of the wealth and health the universe has to offer. She needs to open herself up to the good energy and let it fill her spirit. There are many positive affirmations that can be used for this purpose. I would recommend www.mirasol.net so you can explore this healing option. You and your husband are wonderful parents, and I am certain that your daughter will grow from this experience and use your support to catapult her to a healthy balance. I pray the universe will guide and bless you and your family with the strength and wisdom you need at this time.

    In love and Light


  • Dear Jo,

    your beautifully written response is living proof that the universe; the energy of "goodness"~of Love and positivity really does work!

    My heart is actually warm, after reading your words...

    What Great, Great Wisdom. A story of such hope! Such faith and optimisism.

    I know that you know what this means to us, at this pivotal point in our lives!

    We surely will be checking out that site. Affirmations! YES!!!

    We feel truly blessed to have received your lovely, loving story.

    Thank you, way beyond words, for sharing this. I'm inspired and feel renewed strength and courage...the time is perfect.

    Your beautiful son is so very fortunate to have you as his parents. We are lucky to have our brave children! We are all heroes, every one of us!

    Our deep gratitude for your prayers, Jo ~

    I'm just so happy for you and yours,

    with Joy and sending our Love!

    Lisa, Walter, Anastasia and her big brothers Jesse and Rafi

    Peace xo

  • The reason why there is so much problems in this world, is because people do not surrender their lives and souls, minds and bodies to God Allmighty, no matter what name we give that power. It has power to transform us into more harmonic and more true human beings who live according to what the Creator wishes for us.

    There is a difference between religion and to live in the right way, to preach about the right way and to actually do it. In order to be as perfect as possible we must surrender faithfully to the Allmighty. This is possible as buddhists, muslims, christians, jews, hinduists and all kind of reliogious people. Even people who do not keep close to any religion at all might be tought directly by God by delving into themselves and surrendering themselves to the source of healing that realms inside of every single human being.

    But because people rather focus on their mind than that highest will that they have inside of them but do not feel the precence of even perhaps, the world is filled with problems. Because our minds can not save us from ourselves. No. The mind can but separate us from ourselves. So people go against their true selves every day, every night, every hour of their lives.

    That is what it means that we are sinners in ourselves, but by trusting the creator who realms inside of us, the Light that Jesus Christ preached about, and surrendering totally to it, then we can gain peace in our lives and on earth. We are in fact lords, but do not understand it fully, because we do not practice what the religions tell us to: To trust the Light more than our minds and what we see. To trust the kind, loving Creator rather than what we see, feel and hear. So we are very much challenged, and few of us understand enough to in fact grasp the truth of it.

  • In truth I struggle w/ the "God Almighty" stuff. No offense to anyone, I do respect others beliefs and choices altho I trust my intuition and that labeling doesn't work for me. The JC stuff either, even as a child I was always baffled by people and their religions, especially christian, altho JC was a great guy I see him as an example of how enlightened we can become. Except the earth based religions I'm more comfortable there w/ labels like the Creator..I don't use the words God, devil, JC sinners, savior etc. As a child I was forced to attend Baptist church so I'm sure that has left me wounded. It saddens me all the pain caused by religion and their pompous righteousness. I do believe in Spirit and the essence that lives in everything but it's challenging to put it in words. It is not easily intellectualized at least for me.I see it as what is pure in everything. I do agree tho that we cause our own grief by living in our heads where our egos are and not surrendering our egos and listening to our inner wisdom. I know when I shut my ego up(easier said then done) I can embrace the stillness and am much more accepting and life flows better w/o me throwing my resistance in. But I'm a work in progress I still find my old negative thinking/behaviors easy to fall back into especially when I'm tired or disappointed. It's like my auto response but I'm learning to think differently when I catch myself now I don't dwell as much. I repeat my mantra to let go and accept. I surrender to not having the answers. My state of consciousness is not always pure but like I said it's a work in progress.

  • thank you for responding. As you stated we need to withdraw from time to time to recharge and that is why you have my appology for such a slow response. Again thanks and to let you know I received the positive flow and am feeling a little less alienated with some one with like mind Blessings Be

  • I agree being positive rewards itself. But I feel that there is danger in being to positive and not being in reality or avoiding to deal with your own negative emotion can cause depression and anxiety. I am not dismissing what anyone is saying as far as being positive goes. But there are times in life that it would be inappropriate to be positive. For example I have seen 2 children in my family sick with lukemia one of them died. How can you be positive about something so horrible and so serious? There have been other moments in my life that were well tragic. As I am sure other people have had these experiences. So how can you be positive all time? WE live in a fallen world I agree with being optimistic and seeing the good side of life but there are times when you just have to face an ugly reality or truth and deal with the negative before you can be positive again. Thats my 2 cents.

  • I enjoy the underlying humour and again my thanks for your response. the power behind positive thinking is the acceptance of our own entity and to make the choice--the choice of our own"beast" to love or not to love and how we deal with ourselves in the darkness is representative of how we embrace any unknown. I choose the positive and this is a diffucult choice however any other would only be falseness and destruction. Blessings Be

  • lovinmylife--thanks for the response I validate your point of unrealistic positivism and some year ago I asked and answered that same line of doubt. The positive in death is rebirth. When we are not willing to let go we are usually being selfish. And FYI I have worked with death for over 40 yrs I was the person that took care of my own parents as they took ill and passed and also my in-laws and members of my family and marital family including 2 of my own children It was my faith and positiveness that got me through--being positive is not not dealing with the negative it is a choice of the way to deal with it. Hope that helps your understanding a bit. Blessings Be

  • Lunartic thanks and wow sounds like a younger kindred spirit of myself You did become the change you wanted to see in the world, it is a journey not a task, and even though you have the"media" version of postive thinking filter in place...you used positive thinking about yourself and realized that you had to choose to deal with the baggage/negativity in an uplifting manner FYI I now enjoy being called weird or strange or any of the terms some use to dispel the light and it helps me to know that I am on the right path and that my purpose is real and true. I send out to you encouragement to continue your journey. Blessings Be

  • I am the master of not letting go. lol. I am trying to work on maturing some of these aspects of myself and it is challenging. But I really dont see how being positive all the time is real or healthy. I have seen people on tv say they are positive all the time and smiling and saying that they have the answer to having a wondrful life and you know what I think they are full of it. I also think they are probably driving their friends and family crazy with their unrealistic happy go lucky expectations. I should proabaly just shut up now because in my world it has been a rough day and I need to go to bed and quit challenging your beliefs. If it works for you then go with that. But as for me I prefer to call a gloomy storm cloud a gloomy storm cloud and when the sun is ready to come back out then it gets to be sunny.

  • thehangedwoman- thanks for the very insightful truth. Although I do not share your same choice of religion I agree and this is something that does affect all of us irregardless of the"religionFactor" To know that your creator has given you a purpose and it must be fulfilled is an awesome gift that all of us have but few accept. The journey of our own lives is exactly what we do have "control" and if it is in accordance with our maker we are on the enlightened path positvity becomes a way of live and it is peaceful even in our darkest times. Faith to you my friend and thanks for expressing positivity so naturally. Blessings Be

  • lovinmylife--do you see the glass as half empty of half full? It is a choice of how to deal with life not an emotional response. If you can find a better way to deal with anything is a postive action which comes from thinking about resolving the issue by using the positivity that the issue holds and that is being the change that you want to see in the world, no less diffucult and most of the time happy is not part of the end result...Peace is. Challenging my beliefs...no but thanks for being concerned. Again Blessings Be

  • Pfree thank you for the candid and open response. work in progress seems to be another way to state we are on our journey--somehow being on our journey of life is a positive motto and work is a task or something that is dreaded to move forward(progress). I know it is a minor point but this is exactly the small and minor point that is involved in the choice of choosing positvity. Simply stated if we a race can implement positive thoughts than we as a race can become less negative in our actions and deeds Finding Peace in ourselves is neccessary if we are to find peace in the world. If I choose negative...then I am speading negative and No Human wills can erase/repair the negative that I spread. So I choose the positive and know that this is a correct path because of the peace and even more when that which I am is challenged/confronted. I send to you clarity and less burdensome life. Blessings Be

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