Reading for what to expect in September

  • Hi all,

    I would be very happy to have a reading from one of you about how my month of September will be this year. I am feeling i am in the process of change of some sort but I am not sure what is going to change. What can I expect? My birthday is Sept 9 1994.

    Thank you and lots of love and light x

  • @Jodomi the energy for you this September is all about expression of a personal sense of freedom. The month will crackle with change, adventure, and curiosity. This energy requires originality and tolerance on your part, and can elicit acceptance of new points of view. You will need to be alert with all your senses for experiencing everything the existing situations provide. It's time for a change. In September your plans may get rearranged with or without your consent. You may find that your appointments are postponed or cancelled or you may have to use an entirely different route or approach to something that you do everyday. You will have to just go with the flow and be adaptable and flexible because the changes will be for your ultimate good.

  • @TheCaptain interesting, I wonder what appointment or plans will be canceled! I have none at the moment but I look forward to a good change!

  • I, too, recently read constantly reading horoscopes. I started a streak of failures

  • Honestly, I was starting to have a losing streak too, but I found a great way to deal with stress. I started online therapy and it really helps. try calmery therapy . It helps!

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