Is it possible that a cancerian comes back?

  • Long story short, we've been together just 2 months. She was so clingy and loving, she seemed so fast 'in love'with me. At the same time I had hard times, I had health issues, problems at my job and other thing stressed me out. So I got a bit distanced, but she was keep saying she is happy with me and I should trust her, everything is going to be so good. Then all of a sudden, she broke up with me, however 3 days before she said, she is happy. The whole break up procedure took like 2 days as she could not leave me as she though I'm going to be cold and don't even care about losing her. But I did and still care. She kissed and hugged me, wanted to sleep cuddling too. Few days later she came back for her jacket and started to cuddle again. After she got home we talked about it. She said she is so confused, she did not know before how sensitive she is. But 2 days later she got so distanced and cold, unfollowed me on insta, but remained friends on FB. It was 2 months ago. I sent her so nice birthday wishes 3 weeks ago, but seemed like, she doesn't care any more. What do you think? Should I give her more time or give it up?

  • What are both your dates of birth?

  • 14/07/1996

  • @sagg1204 this relationship will make high demands. This combination of personalities is often a meeting of like minds. At its best it carries with it a demand for the perfection of ideas, techniques or outlooks, and the two of you together have far more strength to stick to your principles than either of you could muster alone. You will feel entitled to believe in the relationship, then, but you may also grow dependent on it for backbone; this is particularly true of you Sagg1204 - you will respect this woman's powerful directive and organizational thrust, and will also feel that even the more unusual aspects of your own personality are appreciated and understood by her.
    As a love affair, the relationship can be highly demanding, not only sexually but in terms of social appearances. The two of you will usually be proud of each other and let others know it. At the same time, you will guard your privacy zealously, insisting on long periods of uninterrupted time alone. Marriage or a long term relationship here can sometimes be unrealistic. Both you and your partner's satisfaction and happiness in the relationship can divert your attention from pressing problems, which will then be overlooked or ignored. Experience (if the relationship endures) will teach you both a strange lesson: whenever you feel euphoric, you can be sure that something is wrong or needs tending. Thus, paying more attention to everyday matters and opening up more to each other will be vital if the relationship is to work.

    This lady has problems with reliability - she can be too willing to please other people and then becomes resentful when she feels her partner is neglecting her needs. She can so want to please others that she will wear a mask over her true self and her partner may not realize she bases the relationship more on fantasy than fact, obscuring her real nature. She is also prone to sudden dark moods or bouts of anxiety and depression and can disappear into them for a long while. You would have to become very patient if you wanted to continue a relationship with her.

  • Thank you! I'll try to be patient and just live my life and let's see what happens 🙂

  • As for me, the question sounds like that you should not worry about the zodiac sign if your relationship has crumbled. This is not just an alarming symptom, but the closing of Kartimes tasks with this person. need to be open to the world and use something like together2night. Such a dating site will quickly help you find a replacement for your ex.

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