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  • Hi, I'll appreciate if any of you do a job reading for me.
    I have a job, actually 2. However, most of the time I feel that I want more and think my life is in a different country than mine.

    So I was wondering what are the chances of a positive response if I ask a recent advisor for a Job were I went for my graduate studies?


    Thanks all!

  • Is that 1st May or 5th January? What is your birth year? What are your current jobs? What do you really want to do in your career? What is your dream job?

  • Thanks

    It is May 1979. Current jobs: teaching and research in my home town. I like research but I don't see myself living in my hometown. Also I'm still figuring out what my dream job would be. It could be fungi related but honestly I'm still trying to figuring that out.

  • Pao you can become very adept at solution-finding, logistical planning and interpersonal relations that can lead you, ultimately, to considerable career success. Going to another country would be good for you. Adventures, whether large or small, will help you stretch your limits, take some emotional risks, and explore your capacities. You need variety, so any occupation that allows you to explore many facets of experience, such as teaching, acting, entertainment, politics, leading trainings, court reporting or sales work that involves travel and working with a variety of different people will suit you very well. You may be drawn to careers such as psychiatry, counseling or medicine where you can develop your powerful skills of observation. Or you may be attracted toward promotion, real estate, banking, or catering; if you wish to nurture your creativity, you can excel in writing, singing/music or the arts in general. With so many talents, you really can do anything that appeals to you. But you can get very comfortable in routine and the old life (your comfort zone) so you must force yourself to take on new opportunities. Excessive caution can be as dangerous to your psychological growth as excessive risk. You need to have more faith in your own abilities. In most cases you are capable of achieving far more than you realize. You are highly imaginative, with natural leadership abilities, even though some may not appreciate your bluntness or your satirical and cleverly observed humour. But you tend to like the familiar; change or new situations may alarm you. even if you don’t show that fear on the surface. It is important for you, however, to embrace change as this offers you opportunities for psychological growth.

    2021 is a special year for you, one of much illumination and insight. It is definitely a 'go for it!" year.

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