Need a reading from the captain please

  • F - August 16
    M - October 4

  • @Aa1989, fantasy can play a big role in this relationship. The relationship can be extremely sensitive, sympathetic and understanding, especially in times of trouble. This guy can lighten and brighten your day. His psychological acumen can help you to work on emotional problems, teaching you how to deal with any issues that beset you. The relationship can also prove tremendously beneficial to him as well, strengthening his resolve and steadfastness. You in turn may become protective of him to a fault, shielding him from worldly intrusions and taking a strong stand by his side when the going gets rough.

    A love affair between you can be sensual and pleasurable. Your relationship can produce free-flowing emotion and deep sympathy. Marriage is recommended but it will also test you: the hard realities of daily life may dampen your fantasies and ecstatic moments, and deaden your spontaneity and romantic impulses. You will either succeed magnificently or fail to cope with the exigencies of finance, child-rearing and other domestic responsibilities. Also, in either love, marriage or just friendship, this guy may come to feel totally dominated by you, though you only mean the best. But you can actually make his personal development difficult or impossible through being over-protective. However, it can also teach him an invaluable lesson in standing up for himself. But you must learn when to back off and allow him to stand alone if he needs to, and realize when your concern for him has become unhelpful.

  • @TheCaptain thank you ❤

  • I checked several resources and it's a nice and harmonic relationship. This relationship has a rating of about 91%. So move forward 🙂

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