Not sure if this guy has feelings for me or hates me. I need help please, I cant move on…

  • I met this guy recently in a new school and he reached out to me first, we talked for a bit and he was kind but sometimes he’s just upright rude at my face and then i question whether or not i should be interested in him. I have contacted tons of tarot readers and it’s always the same answers, they say he’s attracted to me but is indecisive because something from his past is holding him back. Today, I was in class and he was so rude to me that I got so mad and felt like ghosting him and blocking him for good but i did a reading on what he sees me as and the king of wands + eight of swords + 7 of swords came, oddly the ten of cups came next. I got confused about the 7 of swords so I clarified it and i got the 8 of cups, does anyone know what this means? Thank you, i greatly appreciate any response!

  • Are all your cards upright?

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