How can I regain my vitality after a divorce?

  • How can I regain my vitality after a divorce?
    How can I overcome depression?

  • @segment This is a hard thing to answer. It took me years to get over my divorce. I'm still feeling like some days are better than others. Its been 3 years for me. I meditate at night when I go to bed and thats really helped me a lot. I listen to John Moyer meditations on youtube and for me it worked. Theres one for waking up and feeling positive. Another recording is getting rid of negative energy. Also a recording for helping unblock your chakras by Jason Stephenson on YouTube. You could try that and see if it helps you. I don't know how you feel about therapy. But sometimes talking to someone else really helps too. I picked up a hobby that I haven't done in years. Thats helped too. Good luck to you and I hope this post will be helpful to you 🙂 😃

  • You're right. Meditation is a great way to restore energy levels. meditation helps clear your mind of all thoughts. Meditation offers a great way to practice positive affirmation and reflect on what you want for your life. I found this out in the DeepH app In the app you will find tips to help you become more active and live a healthier and happier life.

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