Spirit Guides ...Does anyone work wih them ?

  • If so , would anyone be able to tell me if someone is trying to contact me and wanting to tell me something . Reason why I am asking is a while back when I was cleaning my house . I keep feeling that someone was standing beside me . The feeling was so strong , I even turned around to ask what the person wanted ....thinking it was another family member who came into the household . When I looked to see who it was , no one was there . This happened 3 times , within a 10 to 15 minute period . No really sure what to think of it all ,,but would like to know regardless . It didn't upset me . I was just curious about it .


  • I have a spirit guide. but I don't ask her questions about what happens to someone else.

    I have had that happened to me several times, feeling that someone stood behind me or beside me. One of them was my husband's relative that passed away when he was young and I didn't get to see her or her photo. The few others were from my past life. My husband and children that haven't reincarnated. The rest are just spirits in the house or just happened to pass by when I was in the room.

  • Yes, I would agree with the previous post. My house has ghosts but quite often family and friends on the other side come to me to visit as well. i listen to the voice as it is a telepathy of sorts and you can know who they are. . This is different from my spirit guides or angels who give me messages for myself and others.Remember that only GOD can hear your prayers in your head but if you ask for specific answers and you will concentrate on your spirit guides and angels, it will come. You will become aware of a voice that is your very own spirit guide. I suggest a course in meditation or being friends with people who have these powers. i went to a psychic initially and had her introduce me to my guides..Not all psychics do this so ask around till you find one who works specifically in this area.

  • yeah cajun, spirits do share life space with us. we all have psychic ability, just different degree in each person. some strong and some are not as strong like myself. I have to nurture it with spiritual related exercises that finally my spirit guide had agreed to help me.

    I have to add I don't mean anything bad by not asking my guide about other people's problems. I hardly ask her anything although I pay respect to her all the time. I just don't want to turn her into some kind of oracle while her purpose here is to guide me.

  • Thank you folks for all your comments , I appreciate it . I guess I have to try much harder in communicating with my spirit guides . I hope they will come to me soon .:O) Have a great day !]


  • Doves I wrote a lot about spirit guide here if you need tips about that

    I typed so much don't feel like typing it again or people may think I'm narrating lol


    hope this helps.

  • Thank you Leoscorpion for .the link to your forum topic ..I shall look into it . Have a good day !


  • Everyone is so helpful and friendly here ..It is awesome !! Thank you : O)

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