Will he speak to me , want to meet again?

  • Okay I met somebody at the weekend when I was out in the nightclub... one thing led to another 😬.
    His birthday is 22 February 1997 and I’m the 14 October 1986...

    Can’t get him out my mind, but I have accepted it for what it could be, however any possibility?

    What do you pick
    Up please ?

    Thank you 😊

  • @Jana-Star, this can become a highly romantic relationship and will often go like a house on fire at the start. Few would predict the two of you would even like each other, but subtle magnetic feelings can draw you together irresistibly. It is one of those relationships in which the people involved seem to call out to each other silently across the boundaries of space and time. It may have been a fated meeting in fact, and once you are in each other’s company, there may be no force in the universe strong enough to keep you starry-eyed lovers apart. Even if fully committed, however, such a relationship won’t always have staying power. Disappointment and disillusionment will follow any separation or breakup, for which no preparation is generally possible. External resistance may be easy for the two of you to handle in the early stages, but the relationship may be worn down over time by a dedicated, purposeful opponent or by social condemnation.

  • @TheCaptain thank you . I intuitively felt this also . Thank you for your insight .

    Kind regards

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