Childhood Friend Reading, need feedback

  • My childhood friend stopped following me on Instagram out of nowhere. He is married but we never talked about us having romantic feelings.

    I asked him why and didn't explain, so I used my tarot cards and this is the spread.

    The devil, 2 of Swords, and Knight of Cups**

    My interpretation is his married situation push him to do a decision to push me away but the future knight of cups as a return call or will text back from him.

    I did past, present, and future and using Rider Waite tarot cards. All upright

    I did pull up another 3 cards as reference for the Knight of Cups only*** All upright

    6 of swords, high priestess, world

    My interpretation is I am moving on listening to my sixth senses and the world on my side.

    Any feedback will be appreciated cause am still sad by all of his sudden change.

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