Captain, do you know what it means if you dream of Jupiter, Mars and a Full moon all in the same dream?

  • I had this dream that I was pulling back a white curtain that was sheer and knitted. When I looked past this veil l, I saw Jupiter, Mars, and then a full moon. Donyou happen to know what this means? I feel like it was shown to me for a reason. But I don't understand the purpose of it. Other than it seemed important in my dream. Captain, if you could help me with this. I would greatly appreciate it:)

  • TulipLilly, Jupiter represents abundance and expansion, Mars urges us to be more independent and assertive. The full moon is a powerful time for manifestation. a great time to tap the luminous lunar energy and harness the energetic power of the moon's light for whatever you want. Your dream is suggesting you need to focus more on being assertive and expanding your belief in abundance. Next full moon, set your intentions and desires for the future. Full moon ritual:

    Sit comfortably in a space where the moonlight is visible.
    Close your eyes and feel the moon's beams fill the room and your body.
    Focus on your breath and the intention you've set.
    Imagine the moonlight enveloping and purifying your body, mind, and spirit.
    Slowly bring your attention back to the room and open your eyes.
    Repeat as many times as you'd like in the three to five hours before or after the full moon.

  • @TheCaptain thanks. I appreciate the advice. I've never done that before. I will give it a shot. I can't wait till the next full moon! How specific do the intentions have to be? Also, what kind of intention could I do to help me get my life back on track.

  • @TulipLilly the more specific you are, the more you will get exactly what you want. Work out in advance what that is. EG in what way/area of your life do you need to get back on track?

  • @TheCaptain I did it! I tried exactly what you said to do on Sunday! How long will it take for my intention to come through?

  • @TulipLilly did you repeat the ritual?

  • @TheCaptain yes I did. I did it the night before full moon, the night of the full moon and the following day as well. I noticed a change about 5 to 6 days later. I woke up and felt this push to act and I came up with a plan to work on formulate what I want to do. I was able to see the situation more clearly and less emotionally which is what is needed. But I don't want to upheave myself completely. Becuase itnwill take a natural progression and making plans to make it happen. I didn't have this before I was struggling with my situation and I see things more clearly. Which is awesome. I also had a full view of the moon and where I was in nature was absolutely beautiful 😍 Thanks for your guidance Captain. I really appreciate 🙏 💛

  • @TulipLilly excellent!

  • @TheCaptain to help me stay apprised on my situation and stay on track with my plans. Can I keep repeating the same mantra again with the next full moon coming up this month?

  • @TulipLilly well, only if you feel doubtful about the process and the result.

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