Urgent!!!!is he my soulmate???

  • hello..

    i have a person in my life who i am friends with from 2006. is he my soulmate ..??

    how do u visualize my future with him,

    will this relation go higher up towards commitement and in what time and how

    or..........someone else enter my life?

    what does he think about me as..??

    my dob is 1 march 77, 5 57 pm., he is 6 jan 82, 6 26 pm

    plz let me know to solve my dilemma.

  • 1st, how does this person treat you and is he really feeling you? If so go for it. And it it does not work take it as a learning experience that's what life is all about. But, take your time and go for it.

  • Disclaimer: This reply will include lots of opinions that others may not believe.

    You are complete as you are. You don't need to be searching for that "other half". Personally, I don't believe in the notion of one perfect person for you or anyone. There are lots of people that anyone can fall head over heels for and happily spend a lifetime with. Worthy1248 gave you the best advice of all. Just read the signals in his actions and words and take it one day at a time. I know I always say that my greatest regrets are things I don't do, not the things I do. If you feel that strongly then take the chance. If it doesn't work out then you know and can start opening the door for another. Best of luck to you.

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