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  • I keep running into a guy and we sometimes talk but only when it's a group setting, but whenever it's just us and we run into each other none of us say hi and we just make awkward eye contact. i also think he's kind of cute, So i asked what x feels and thinks about me, i know each are completely different things so that's why i asked both.

    im also new to tarot so any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated!

    What does x think about me... The empress and 4 of cups

    Does x think I'm an apathetic woman, someone who is unsociable and unfriendly(4 of cups represents apathy or someone in contemplation), because if that's the case then damn that's tragic for me🤣

    What does x Feel about me... knight of cups and 9 of pentacles

    I'm kinda stuck on this because, let's say that the knight of cups represents him having 'romantic' feelings for me and the 9 of pentacles portrays me as an in a self reliant way?

  • @ruby2003
    The Empress can speak of Motherly, some one who is nurturing and kind, beauty , bountiful and abundance ....
    4 of Cups can speak of missing the bigger picture, boredom, ... ..
    It could speak about him feeling as though you are caring and he thinks he may not be seeing the bigger picture or he feels as though you may be in contemplation about things at this time...

    Which deck did you used as the images can hold many clues to further information...

    Knight of Cups could see Romance and 9 of Pentacles could speak of a healthy, material gain to the relationship .. yes with your independence which he likes that about you, maybe.... with a sense of Romantic feelings towards you ...

    These were some ramblings .. it can be hard not being in that moment with the reading to get the full picture ...

  • @hekatesxing Oh okay makes sense ad thank you so much for your input. I also used the rider-waite deck

  • @ruby2003 Welcome .. take care

  • He thinks you are pretty independent and would somehow have a bit feeling for you.
    However, the interaction between you are not very much and he may think you
    are a little unapproachable. I would suggest that you make the first move, like
    talking to him or try to get more familiar with each other.

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