Virgo man stalking but not talking to me

  • It's been almost an year. This virgo man that I met once has been stalking me. Once I decided to ask him if we are taking things ahead (as we met on a matrimony app for marriage) he ghosted me. He still stalks me but never talks to me. I am a Capricorn woman 29 year & I have never been in any relationship. It is rare for me to be attracted to anyone but this man I m attracted to & he ghosted me. Earlier he took lot of initiative to talk to me but now he only stalk & sometimes like my picture on social media. I ask myself why I m so obsessed with him because this behavior is not good sign. But I tried talking to few guys & no one attracts me. Can someone just tell me what virgo man stalking & liking means?

  • This man is just toying with you. If he was serious about a relationship, he would not be stalking you. Avoid this guy at all costs!!!!!

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