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  • Hi I’ve just cursed out a so called friend and blocked him, because I’ve lent him money 3 months ago and I constantly had to ask him for the money. Every time he had something going on. So yesterday I was done and I told him to keep the money and I said a lot more then blocked him. I’m so disappointed.
    Will we become friends again? How does he feel about what happened? And I would like to know why he kept giving me the run around?

    My dob july 8th 1985
    His dob may 28th 1986

    Thank you

  • @Jubisay35 this will be a challenging friendship as you have found out. This man will rarely be sensitive or sympathetic enough to give you the kind of emotional understanding you need, and you will rarely be amenable to his desire to make up the rules for life. Where, then, is this relationship’s meeting ground? The answer lies in dark and hidden areas that the two of you might never approach in your relationships with other people. The shadow side of human experience exerts a seductive pull here, uniting the two of you in a search for the unusual. Whether through your friend's fascination with your unconventionality or unusualness, or through your amazement at his dormant awareness of his own shadow personality, the relationship will seek to explore the darker depths of experience. The two of you may show great interest in unusual happenings, circumstances and people, not just investigating them but seeking to become involved with hidden, perhaps prophetic or metaphysical powers. Addiction can sometimes be an issue in a friendship here, which may be enjoyable and fun but can mask deep needs for affection and security. Alcohol, tobacco and mind-expanding or tranquilizing drugs may be involved. Unfortunately, the relationship may lack the self-control necessary to limit the use of such substances.

    Your friend basically doesn't want to pay the money back. He bores easily and has moved on from whatever he wanted it for. He thinks as friends you should forget the debt. As such, you were never really friends and you shouldn't wish to be friends in the future as this man will always put himself first before anyone else.

  • @TheCaptain if that’s so then he’s nuts. I have lent him money before. It took awhile but he paid me back, so I lent him again. I know him for years. I have dealt with gemini man before and I know they’ll put themselves before anything or anybody else. But what I also know is that will come a time when he’ll need me again and I won’t be there for him.

    Thx for the reading

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