Could you please do a job reading.

  • I am a teacher. There is a spublic site where students can anonymously write their comments about their teachers, these comments are visible to everyone on the Internet. So, i got my first comment from a student (or maybe a group of them). He mentioned some personal information (that i have problem skin and i have no relationship), which made me sad (i really have problems visible, but i donlt think it is polite to mention such things about a person on the internet)., but also that i give low marks, and i am self confident. They rated me very very low. This situation is not pleasant, and i don't know how i should treat it? All other teachers in my department have much higher rankings.
    Can you please do a reading. Am i really such a bad teacher? And how should i treat this situation.
    Thank you.

  • Take it as constructive criticism and learn from it. Reevaluate yourself. Do what you can to improve your teaching skills. Basically, the student is saying that you don't come across as a happy person and this reflects in your approach to work and life. Do you give low marks because of the students' work or because you are basically unsatisfied with life?

  • Maybe he ment this, but i don't think that it is ok to say "she has skin problems and no man" (suggesting that my skin is bad because i have no intimate relationships).This is very rude. Is it constructive?
    I give them marks because of their work. And i do not only give low marks, there are good marks as well. Some of them cheat during the exam or test (he mentioned that i notice this fact). Instead of learning things they try to find the way to cheat.

  • @TheCaptain could you please pick a card from your deck (in the thread action/outcome/advice). What action should i take in the situation.

  • Do you feel you discipline the students enough?

  • @TheCaptain they are different, some of them work very diligently, and some of them do not work at all, but will demand nevertheless good marks. They are difficult to deal with, energy consuming. I don't like lecturing them, but sometimes have to do it.

  • The part about love life makes me sad. Is it so visible that i am single?

  • @Marishkaa it was probably just an insult, not a certain fact. It's up to you to decide if you are a good or bad teacher (or person), not your students.

  • @TheCaptain i don't know, maybe he or she was too angry and just wanted to hurt me. And he managed to do this. Now everyone can read this opinion about me and my appearance.
    As i always doubt myself, i have such reaction.
    Thank you, TheCaptain.

  • @Marishkaa is teaching your true calling or do you just do it to have a job? Is there anything else you would prefer to do?

  • @TheCaptain I don't think i have realized what my true calling is. I like to communicate, to explain something when they ask me, but in general the situation hasn't changed here from what i wrote about some years ago. I feel depressed here. Maybe it is because of materials we use, i mean topics and so on. So it is more about "just do it to have a job".
    But now i have some problems with the stability of this job due to changes in requirements, which i do not meet.

  • @Marishkaa what is your dream job?

  • @TheCaptain, maybe something in service, but at the same time a job where i will be able to create something. I like to study or learn something but study can't be a job.

  • I am too passive, i think this is one of my problems. I studies finance at the University and i still like this subject, but i don't know how to find job there and get back into this field, as such jobs are all office jobs and i feel not comfortable in such environment.

  • @Marishkaa you really need to narrow down what you want to do with your life.

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