Could anyone help with a reading please?

  • Namaste Katyl. I am guided to offer you the following messages:

    Strong feelings do not a relationship make. However, you are being guided at this time to prepare the way for your self to enjoy the preliminary bonds of relationship. You are asked not to give in or give up, but to look at your past relationships and determine the attitude or actions that may be holding you back from a deep and loving relationship that is a match for who you are. If your standards have not been met within relationship, or if you have been self absorbed or neglected, take the time to honor your Being and unveil the truth. Are you prepared to 'make it on your own?' Have you often felt that you need to be with someone in order to be happy? If it seems that love continues to pass you by, ask yourself what you are doing to pass on love.

    Use this opportunity to consider your motivation in this relationship so that you have a chance to enjoy a valuable experience rather than a valuable lesson. Either way, you have the opportunity to move up to the next level overall.

    If this person doesn't have a job or seems to be forever between jobs, offers no vested interest, sends mixed messages, or often has one OTHER thing to accomplish first, consider that he may be an impractical choice. If this is the case, enjoy your time with him while you continue to prepare your nest for the one that will offer a healthy, respectful, gratifying relationship.

    Or, simply take a pass on him altogether. Is sentiment backed up by action?

    This is your practical goal for the now.


    in love and light


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