Best way to approach a cap woman that is not single.

  • Hi all,

    Just need some advice on this, ideally from a Cap woman.

    To give some context, I have joined a gym 2 years ago and almost right away I've noticed that this girl that works in there as a PT gave some some gazes that didn't sound common.
    By "gazes" I mean, I was doing my exercise and she was passing by, as she was walking she starred directly at me for some moments almost as if she was wanting me to look at her.
    I didn't look back t her as I didn't want to give her wrong signals, I was simply not interested. But 6 moths ago or so something sparked and things chaanged. I started to look at her and she notices me, those gazzes and some brief looks keep going, she notices but I haven't actually spoken to her yet. I found the is not single so I would like to know what would be the best way to pproach her in these circumstances. Thanks in advance.

  • Just forgot to mention, I'm cancer and this is driving me a bit crazy which can cause for me to make some fatal mistake. I know this may sound silly as I didn't cared about her for too long and now I sound a bit desperate.

  • Well, she is a personal trainer - maybe her interest is purely professional, especially since she is already involved with someone. I would leave it up to her to approach you if she is in fact romantically/sexually interested. But be very wary of someone who is already partnered as she may only want a one night stand.

  • @TheCaptain When I said gazing and staring it was at my face and at my eyes (this was specially on those intense gazes), and in some cases I was not even doing any exercise, I was just walking by. I would say it is highly unlikely for the interest to be professional, in fact I believe she was really wanting to pass a different message. Also, by not being single I mean she has a bf, not married.

  • @JPB You might try to observe her, when she is dealing with other customers. It might just be her way of communicating in a powerful way, as a Capricorn sun would suggest.

  • @JPB yes that means she already has a partner. I think you should give this one a miss unless you just want sex..

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