Interpretation of the ace of cup and ace of pentacles

  • I was doing a reading on myself about a man I've developed feelings for. He's in a relationship atm and had a kid with her recently. I'm assuming he stalks me online, because when I changed my relationship status he was one of the ones who messaged me after a year of no communication to ask me if it was true. We talked, and I haven't gotten over it since that occurred in April 2021. I asked when will he reached out to me, and I got the ace of cups and ace of pentacles, which was strange because I asked about his relationship with her earlier and those two cards came out reversed. Does that mean he will leave her, and come around when he's financially at a better place? On the phone, he said he lost his job and was just stuck at home working on a home he inherited after his grandfather passed. I'm not trying to be hopeful either. I got pretty much devastated hearing he recently had a child. He wanted one with me, and I didn't think it would have happened with that other woman. I felt it wasn't over between us, and I needed to work on my sorrow and mental health from a previous relationship over a year ago. Do I take those cards as he's going to wait until I'm successfully in a new connection and looking financially abundant to him to try to sway me from not moving on? I don't want to be the third wheel either, or be involved in drama. I don't know how to feel because I don't think I have it in me to accept the child because it would never really be mine. I would be a step mom, and I already decided I didn't want children before he reached out. I got anxiety because if he's with her, why ruin whatever I have going on? Why confess how much he longed for me, when he ruined things/made things more difficult by having a child? Bad enough our families wouldn't agree with how we came to be if we tried to be together. I do care for him very much, and a year ago I left him alone out of respect. He told me he made the wrong choice, and I regret just focusing on myself because I feel like he wouldn't have had a baby with her if I just didn't let my depression from heartache control my decisions at the time. I feel like we shot each other in the foot, and he blames me for it. He blocked me after that call, because I didn't answer the two times he tried calling me again, and I told him to focus on the family he had now. It was against my morals to mess with a dude who had a kid. He wanted to talk in person, but I was worried of him wanting to do things more I didn't want to do now he's a father. I'm not going to be the one to destroy a family unit, or be a mistress doing that. I just can't stop my feelings for him, but I blocked him today. A part of me is hoping I'll move on, and forget about him, but talking to him felt right. We laughed, had open dialogue, he told me about the child right off the bat, and there's this peacefulness between us I never felt in my other connections. I don't feel lost, unsure, or lacking when I'm with him. I feel appreciated, loved, and respected. I'm unsure what the cards were trying to tell me. If anyone can tell me, I'll greatly appreciate it. I told myself to let go of him, and I don't stalk him either. He gave me updates on his life and his inner issues/thoughts. I don't want to come across as a girl who hopes he picks me. I'm unsure if all this is worth the trouble, and if I'll actually be happy with him now he's stuck permanently connected to that other girl. A kid should have an opportunity to have both of his biological parents together, right? I'm trying to do the best thing here.