Can someone or Captain pleased a reading about my kid not wanting to visit with me during summertime?

  • My daughter is telling me she doesn't want to visit me anymore during my summer weeks of visitation. She said she doesn't like my routine and wants to eat earlier. She also told me she doesn't want too come back to my bfs house. during the summer time.She only wants to go to my parents house/ her grandparents for summer. I have been trying to accommodate her and mostly have been. I'm wandering if she is still mad about divorce and is using the excuse about not liking our routine as reason to not keep to the schedule? Could Captain or someone please do a tarot reading about the situation? My bd is 12-12.80. Her birthday is 01-05.Thanks

  • @TulipLilly well most children do not like the fact of having a strange bf around after a divorce. Give her some time. She needs more experience of life.

  • I feel she doesn't like your BF.

  • @TheCaptain thats what I was worried about. I feel like I am constantly in the middle between them. I'm not sure what to do about it. I love them both so much. More importantly, I want my daughter to be happy. She is my child and I love her very much. I'm wondering if she would be happier in the future if I get my own place? Or do you think she would act like this no matter who I am dating? My younger daughter likes him and they get along well. I'm worried whatever change I make may effect my youngest too. Like her missing where I live and our pets and my boyfriend. Any feedback would greatly, greatly appreciated.

  • @TheCaptain Hi, my husband wants a divorce and we are separated at the moment what is the future of my marriage. Will we reconcile or will it end

  • @ReemaBajaj20 this is TulipLilly's thread. Please start your own and I will answer you there. And please supply both your date of birth and your husband's.

  • TulipLilly, your daughter is seeing this as a choice between her and your BF. Getting your own place might make it easier for everyone. Your younger daughter can still see your BF if she wants.

  • @TheCaptain thanks for your opinion Captain. I was thinking if I give her some more time and she doesn't come around. Then, eventually thats what I would do. I am a little concerned too that he would break up with me if I get my own place. I also need to get another job. I haven't worked in 2 years because I hurt my back really bad and I've still got some issues from my back where I'm in pain off and on. I was trying to get my symptoms under control. But they seem to go away and come back with painful flare-up in my leg, my hip, and my low back. I've been getting epidurals which help temporarily cut down on the inflammation.

  • @Kerry I did wait for almost 2 years before I brought him around my kids. But my older daughter has a different personality then my younger daughter. (As she should because they are 2 dofferent people) She's having a harder time adjusting. So we have been seeing my grandparents and visiting there too. It seems to be helping her. She really likes going down there and hanging out. She also has a cousin her age she sees too.

  • @TulipLilly why would your BF break up with you if you moved out?

  • @TheCaptain One time I asked him. If he would be ok with if I move out.If it was to hard of an adjustment for the girls. He said he invested enough time and money into our relationship to just have me up and move out. This happened 2 years ago. I said would you break up with me? He responded yes. A lot has happened since then. I would like to think he wouldn't. Just because a person decides to help someone else out( money wise) doesn't mean our relationship should just end. If I were to move out. He offered to help me with something. I didn't even ask him for the help. I really appreciated it and I thanked him. 😀

  • It is bad time for daughter so you should take care them by careful with any hyper

  • @TulipLilly
    Are you practicing back health? Do you do physiotherapy?

  • @TulipLilly
    Confused: Why would moving out and have your own place cause him to break up with you? Will there be marriage in the future?

  • @Jayann i do a lot of more mild yoga stretches. I go for walks. My back has become really messed up. I have a bulging L5 to S1 with a pinch nerve that goes down my right leg. I also have developed arthritis on my right side of my back. Whe. I go back to working. I will be in pain but I will just have to get epidural. Only thing that helps me. I also meditate and take anti-inflammatory. Also my hip pops out of my socket periodically and its very painful. I get adjustments too. I have round and rounds of physical therapy. I do some of those exercises at home too.

  • @Jayann yes about marriage(possibly) I really love him and he really loves me. I'm not ready for marriage yet, but eventually I will be. I really want everyone to be happy and get along with each other. But its hard sometimes.

  • @Hicess I'm sorry I'm not sure I understand what your saying? Cna you please rephrase that for me Thanks:)

  • @TulipLilly
    So sorry to hear of your problems. Pain is miss understood, Back pain is also ignored by others, I wish I could help.
    I get back pain and when it was very bad a physiotherapies recommended hydrotherapy. This lead to a course on looking after my back because once we hurt our backs it always is sensitive. The recommended reading from the back care course was and I still use it. The Back Sufferers' pocket guide by Sarah Key and Vicky Roberts. I also understand from physiotherapist that Pilates and Alexander technique can help and walking. Sitting is not good for our backs.
    Sending you good karma
    With reference to you BF I hope he likes you enough to make you permeant in his life.
    With reference to you children please get them to talk (in writing is it is easier) what they like or do not like about your BF. It is important that you understand is the cause of the problem.
    Finally remember that they will grow up and that if you change your life to suite them you might end up lonely.
    As the Captain says "self love" must be practiced,
    Take care stay safe and good luck

  • @Jayann Thanks for the kind words I really appreciate it💚! I will have too look the book up online. Sounds like it could be very helpful for me. I wander if stress can play a big role ib increasing inflammation in the body too. Sometimes inammation will flare up from nowhere. I will ask my daughter to write it out for me. One of her big complaints was us eating late. So I've been pre-planning our meals for them and having them eat at the time they wanted to eat. I think what is causing confusion for me is my kids. I want them all to get along and it makes it hard for me to think about marriage especially after going through a painful divorce. I hope you are doing well too:) Thanks for the helpful post. Have a good night:)

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