Spiritual awakening

  • Hi,
    I want to know about spiritual awakening. What is this and why it happens. I also have some questions does it is related to "third eye opening" and " true dreams"? Or is it a change on our soul, emotional, physical, psychic level? What is role of meditation does it help to spiritual awakening?

  • @sara007 i had this happen to me when I went to a new age store. I was filled with all this positive energy when I walked in the store and touched an empath pendant. This feeling stayed with me for weeks and weeks. I started praying, meditating, I feel like I was headed on a journey all the sudden. I do meditste at night and i listen to John Moyer meditations on YouTube. I feel this has really changed my perspective on life. I have a post about my experience in the store on this tarotforum. If you want to read it. I also want to comment that I was praying more to God. I had this amazing dream about universal peace and love. Words can't fully define the experience. I don't know if this helps you. I truly hope it does. I think when we do experience this. It's good to talk about it with other people to spread the knowledge and the ✌ and 💘!

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