Could anyone help with a reading please?

  • Ok, I've been so confused lately with this guy i've been talking to named Seth. I get along with him really well, we have great conversations, and he says he has strong feelings for me, which I have for him also. I just want to know if we will end up together eventually, if I'm meant to be with someone else, or if I'm meant to be alone forever. I've never had any luck with love at all so any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. My birthday is December 8, 1988 and his is November 10, 1983 if that's any help at all.

    ~Thanks, Katy

  • hi ahliyah...could you help me too please? do you see j calling me again? we liked each other alot, but he has distanced himself from me. i miss him, but i don't want to contact him.

    thank you...

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!


    My D.O.B. 04-21-73.

    MY EXBOYFRIEND 06-30-50

    What is taking so long for my Ex to contact me? I have not heard from him all summer.

    When he finally does, what will be the situation that will make him finally reach out to me??

    Please answer me tonight. THANK YOU!!

  • Hi Pilot,

    not meaning to be rude or anything but your reading request sound a little pushy. People here do readings for free they have lives so if you request a reading have a little patience and they will answer when they have time.

  • I did not mean to sound pushy. Please forgive me if I offended anyone.

    If there is someone available to read my request; please, do so at your earliest convience.

    Thank You in advance.

  • Katyl, you're welcome.

    Love and light,


  • Namaste Pilot. I am guided to offer the following messages:

    Breathe in, breathe out. Ready?

    The good old days are over. Too much of a good thing has left you with unresolved issues. Whether this person contacts you again or not, your relationship now exists in memory. It may have been great fun with lots of pleasures, but if you'd like in future to avoid tears, betrayal, grudges, and a hangover, then steer clear of the party and move on toward your own romantic goals. By reevaluating your own priorities you can find a happy medium between sociability and isolation. If you are determined to be in contact with this person, just remember that running with any crowd is still 'running'. You may always feel like an outsider with this man's social group. Overall, any agenda to make a love connection is a way of hiding fears or insecurities.

    There is a price to pay for too much of a good thing.


    love and light,


  • Thanks for your insight.

  • Namaste Toledo. I am guided to offer you the following messages:

    What may have begun with a feeling of paradise is now a destructive environment where you will be required to increase sacrifice to meet the demands of the situation. Better that you not fall into addiction or depression and instead confront the truth of the false sense of security you get from being with J. That feeling of comfort may turn out to be flirting with disaster. You may think he is giving you something important, but in truth, what you are receiving this time is your mirror image. Is it freedom you're after? Joy? A calm centeredness?

    Acknowledging a dark past may be the first step to releasing and integrating it. When your mind is still and your heart is at ease, the answers will come to you. You dont' need to seek them. You're being guided to take your time to allow truths to be revealed, to let yourself be primed for clarity, and to let stability dissipate obstacles. You don't need willpower; just let yourself hear the call to awaken.

    Blessings and much love,


  • thank you ahliyah...what you wrote was very deep and kind. i have to read it a few times to fully understand what you told me, but, i think i get your message. i am really sensitve, so i get hurt easily if people go away from me. but, i am also strong, so i will try to focus on myself and good things...

    blessings and much love to you too,


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