Would Captain please do a reading to see if this job I applied for will work out in my favor.

  • Captain can you please do a quick reading for me? I applied for a job online, it's for cleaning the house and taking care of their cats and dogs. Can someone please do a quick reading for me to see if this job will work out in my favor? Or if it could possibly be a scam? They said their working out of state, so they can't meet me in person. They also said they work in the healthcare field. I know it seems odd to ask about this. But I got scammed last year and I want to be careful after getting burned. Thanks for your time. I really appreciate it😊🙋✌

  • This feels very suspicious to me. Can you google these people to check them out?

  • @TheCaptain well i was talking to my bf. He said as a good rule of thumb if you can't meet with person in public somewhere to discuss details. Then maybe they are fishing for information and/ or its a scam. My instincts are feeling like this is to good to be true. I definitely don't want to get robbed or scammed.

  • @TulipLilly, listen to your instincts.

  • @TheCaptain Sorry I didn't respond back. My phone broke on Friday morning. I woke up to my phone having a black and grey screen. I had to get a new cell phone. Thanks for your advice. I am taking your advice and going with my instincts. I take it as a bad sign that my phone broke only two days after I told them I wasn't interested and basically for them to go Asta la Vista in a polite manner. 😆 Also Happy July 4th!!

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