Shout outs for Super KC!

  • You're a trouper for trying Maimuta - lol. Bummer, Sugarbooger, that you're not getting the same pages we're getting. Weird. I've read elsewhere in other blogs here, though, that aol is messing with people's tarot pages somehow. I don't use aol - so I'm not having the issue. But you're not alone from what I've read.

  • I don't use AOL either. I have internet through my cable provider and I use Windows Internet Explorer 7 and my home page is The first time I clicked on a blog link the's with the tabs came up then every linked I'd click on after that I'd end up with AOL Horoscopes above the toolbar. I'm about ready to say to heck with this site......I end up with a migraine everytime I try to navigate this site. I LOVE this site, but when it gives you a headache......well, no site is worth that. BIG frown

  • oh wow - so weird. i don't get it! Hang in there. Just go to theblog "Help Free Super KC" each morning & there MUSTbe a way sone of us there can somehow get you on the page! You're right - that IS frustrating - because this a wonderful site, otherwise. So wait - I missed it ...did you say you still haven't gotten today's candy?

  • All you have to do from any page is click on the lavender tab at top right of screen that says "site map" and you will get the regular tabs back on your screen

  • Article Archives.....

    seek and ye shall find......

    find candy for karma coins


    be well.........m.

  • Super KC!!!! Strength is building! You can do it! We're all trying to build more and more good Karma!!!! Hunting down that candy! Hang in there! Halloween is only a few days away and you'll be free and flying! Go Super KC!!!!

  • Here's to Super KC's release. I've been over to the Free Super KC so long, I'd forgotten for a bit how to visit this blog. Yeah, Super KC, go man go! Want to see what happens when you're free. It sure is fun looking for the candy. They're done a marvelous job with how the Halloween theme is all set up with Mystery Manson and all the sites to visit and explore. It's one way to get us to become more familiar with the site.

  • We rooting for u Cuper KC..You can do it..

  • Trouble with getting to main site: If you have the google bar on your screen up above, just keyboard "" and that should put you on the main website for

  • today found candy at my daily horoscope.... for Aquarius


  • Thank you MARGARETM!!!

    I found it under Aquarius Love horoscope for the next week

    so happy hunting all of you:-)


    from Denmark

  • C'mon, Super KC - you're almost free, so don't stop now!

    Now if only I could find the candy for today...... the usual hints that Cosmic Report gave in his blog are getting me nowhere. And with me having Scorpio rising.... well, I'll try to rein in my infamous Celtic temper!

  • I luv SuperKC! Althought it is quite hard to find sometimes! 🙂

  • Where is the CANDY....I am tired of looking EVERYWHERE with NO RESULTS!!!!! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP???????????

  • Poeartemer: check for the whereabouts each day in the blog titled "Help Free Super KC". That blog is on the2nd page of the Cosmic repoter blog site. We've all been helping each other there each day. Today, you'll find the candy in the Events Calender. Go get it!

  • Hi my 1st time on here, I look for Super KC, and have been looking for the candy, no luck so far, but we have to look after Super KC, and help get him free.


  • Thankyou....I tripped over it myself......LOL Thankyou!

  • Halloween is 3 days away! Super're freedom is at hand! ...hmmm...let me try something besides good Karma and finding candy...I love you! Between good Karma and true love Super KC should be bursting out any time now! You go coin!

  • Love him lots, but he's a slippery eel to catch!

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