Shout outs for Super KC!

  • Help free KC --- He is in the Karma Cave .. you need to help free him ... he is all tied up!!! and he need our help !!! Do you all know where the karma cave is??

  • I cant find any candy but i found KC but he is no good to us tied up but all together we can help him get untied ... but we have to work together !!!

  • come on guys lets do this ..

  • Hi Cancerone 🙂 I replied to your post in the Libra Challenge. Secondly - tip for you: head over to the blog titled "Help Free Super KC". We've all been giving each other hints each day over there! We all try to look together & thew great thing is - someone different finds the candy each day & posts a clue. Go look! Today's candy is in horoscopes...general....past lives. Go get it 😉

  • There are so many links and tabs on this site it's ridiculous. I'm constantly ending up on AOL Horoscopes site, which is different from this site. Would somebody please post the link to the page? For the life of me I can't find Horoscopes......General.....Past lives. I'm ready to pull my hair out.

  • Go Super KC, you can do it!!

  • Hey sugarbooger - I don't think Cosmic Reporter allows us to post links in the blogs. Just go to tarot. com, ...on the home page are a bunch of tabs across the top of the page. In the purple bar beneath the tabs, you'll see "horoscopes". If u put your cursor over "horoscopes", you'll see a pull-down menu appear & "General" is at the bottom....put your cursor over that then you'll see yet another pull-down menu. Click "Past Lives Central", which is in the middle. The candy is on that page. Good luck 🙂

  • Karma ... BUILDING! Strength ... RETURNING!

    Must ... burst free of ... these ... fortunes ...

  • When I'm at I see the purple toolbar your talking about but the tabs are "Main, Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, I-Ching, Feng Shui, Love, Money, and About You." Now...where is the Horoscope tab where General drops down from? I've got a migraine looking for the blasted thing.

  • I had to eventually do a search on AOL for Past Lives Central to get the direct link to the page....this site is very confusing and frustrating to navigate on

  • Super KC! Rock on with your bad self! Your strength is building....WOO HOO!!! 😉

  • I can't explain it but now the tabs ShellBell26 was talking about appeared and it says above the purple toolbar instead of AOL Horoscopes. I've seen it before but for a while all I'd get was the tabs I mentioned earlier. Go figure. I hear if you look in article archives you might find something sweet.

  • yep sugarbooger - there's a nice treat in the archives. And keep in mind: check out the blogs "Help free Super KC" & also "Good Work, Super KC Fans" for your clues each day. In fact, go to those ones first (in that order). They get posted there each morning as early as 2am! I've tried to be first but we've got some super sleuths and/or super early risers on this site who always beat me. Have fun!

  • sugarbooger62................this is what ShellBell26 was talking about.........

  • ok...........i hope this time it will take the photo...........

  • that main page with the toolbar and tabs is gone. I saved it in favorites but when I clicked on the link it took me to AOL Horoscopes site.....why can't I get back to's main page with it's toolbar and tabs? Help!!!!!

  • ok......this time it has to work........i have made the pic smaller................this is what ShellBell26 was talking about...........

  • ok i have transformed it again.......

  • maimuta. If I can be attached if the pixels are no bigger than 400 pixels wide by like 700H. i think.

  • i have no idea why it doesn't work to upload the pic............i respect all the criteria........this is the last time that i am trying....

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