Can someone please do a love reading?

  • His 06/15/83
    Mine 02/12/87

    Thank you!! ☺

  • This relationship will stretch social and political limits. Already socially conscious, the two of you can grow more so together, and activism will feel like a grand adventure. Of the two, you UA are the more committed to values; this man is usually just in it for the experience. For both of you, though, everything is relative, and you will favour one cause for a while, then fly off in another direction. The fun is being the first to adopt a certain position. The real hard work of activism is unheard of - for the two of you, it’s all in the romance of the situation. You UA will enjoy running the delicious risk of being whisked away by this man on a magic-carpet ride, whether serving an organization or following adventure. An easy relationship is expected here, with lines of communication generally open.

    A friendship or love affair will persist against social or familial disapproval - in fact, it would thrive on it. If threatened, the two of you would simply become more discreet or covert. But you must be careful that hiding does not become a bad habit, and guilt doesn't become a necessary ingredient for enjoyment. Marriage can be productive here. Your combined pioneering spirit can roll back frontiers, but at the same time may leave you open to unrealistic and unsettling influences. The courage to fail is a strength, but repeated failures are not at all desirable, and the two of you must beware of a tendency to forget about the goal in emphasizing the joys of striving and tackling obstacles. In any type of relationship here, any attempt from a third party to suppress your enthusiasm and challenge-oriented stance will usually be doomed to fail or else will inflict psychological damage that may harm the relationship.

    This man can have trouble believing that he is desirable, despite the fact he can be powerfully attractive as a romantic partner. So he may make a determined push to win other peoples’ hearts with charming words and smiles. He is attracted to beautiful, intelligent people and enjoys a good debate or conversation. But he needs to be careful that he doesn’t value outer over inner beauty, and get caught up in arguments and power games. Once he finds the perfect partner, however, he can be loyal, gentle and loving..

  • @Uniquelyaquarius1987. Would you like a tarot de Marseille reading? If so, what's the question?

  • @TheCaptain
    This is so true.. I actually had to read it over twice. Thank you so much for this insight. We really have moved mountains already together in this life. He was my lover and also my very best friend. I think his insecurities of being undesirable has caused us to separate from being engaged, for now. I wanted nothing else but to marry and conquer the world with this man. He stole my heart on that risky carpet ride. I find myself wondering if he’ll ever return to me, but also trying to accept that he has his journey too. I tried to remain friends throughout this messy breakup, but he’s lost to me in alcohol and mean/hurtful words - which I am sure comes from a lack within him. I’m focusing on filling my own cup while going no contact for now. I miss him terribly but we both need this. We both dreamt of having a child together. Is there any insight on future for us? I’ve got a feeling he and I will grow old together, but other than that my intuition is dark because I’m too emotionally involved to get answers. Thank you @TheCaptain

  • @Uniquelyaquarius1987 until this guy is able to overcome his deep insecurity, I don't see a future for you with him. Do you think he is willing to do the tough inner healing work necessary?

  • @TheCaptain
    I feel that he will do the work, but not until he’s exhausted himself with trying to fill the void in many other ways. Career is very important to him, but I know his desire for a family of his own is deeper. For now, he lives in a world of pain that his imagination is creating out of fear. My heart believes that he has the strength to overcome his demons. I’m praying for him to find his way. And even if he never comes back to me, at least he can live a peaceful and loving life inside and out. I’m letting him go in love and it is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

  • @Selenite I’m not sure what this reading is exactly. But yes, could you do one and maybe explain the results with me? Thank you

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