Waking up to knocking

  • Hello, this morning I woke up twice because I heard knocking but no one knocked on my bedroom door.

    From my dream, what I remember was me being in the living with my parents and some of their friends. Suddenly this handsome, tall man with dark hair and dark eyebrows showed up. I guess his eyebrows and hair reminded me a bit of Damon from Vampire Diaries lol (it’s weird lol) I honestly can’t remember his face besides his hair and eyebrows being dark along with him being handsome. Anyway he sat next to me in the couch and he held my hand from on top of the blanket I was covered with. I’m sure this was my first time meeting him and he just suddenly holds my hand and smiles at me… I let him and then he got closer to me. I don’t remember where everyone went but he started to hug me. Honestly I would never let a stranger do that to me but I kind of felt like I knew him. Also tmi but he got a b*ner and he placed my hand on it. It was big... (this won’t get anymore sexual than this, I promise) At that moment I felt an urge to use the restroom so I left. Once in the restroom I heard he was in the hallway and my sister came out of her room. I knew she also thought he was handsome because she said “oooh” lol She started making conversation with him and once I was about to open the door, suddenly I heard two knocks that made me wake up. It sounded so clearly.

    I was awake for a bit and realized I did have to use the restroom but after a few minutes I fell back asleep. I began dreaming again and some stuff happened that I can’t remember. I think I checked my phone and that guy sent me a text. I realized I was back in the dream. I guess I was confused as to who he was but my dad said he was helping with something. He told me where he was helping at and I decided to go. He also texted me again saying that we could talk. I remember I was driving towards him when I saw he was at a church. He waved and smiled at me; he seemed excited to see me when I passed by. I realized I was speeding and as I was trying to slow down I hit a sidewalk. Before I could even get the car to stop I heard two knocks again. Again they were super clear and this time I got up and opened my door. No one was there. I went into the living room and found my mom sitting in the couch. I asked if it was her and she said no one had knocked on my door.

    Sorry for the long post. I’m not familiar with tarot or anything like that but I thought this was weird. Thank you!

  • It sounds to me like you are attracted to dark handsome men but also fear them. In the dream, there are always 'excuses' to avoid this type of guy, even though he shows his attraction for you. Could you be running away from or pushing the right man away from you in real life through insecurity or fear? The knocking comes from your spirit guides who want you to be aware that this dream holds vital information for you that you need to explore.

  • @TheCaptain No, not at all. I don’t even know a man like him. The entire dream was just weird, especially the knocking noises

  • If you don't know any men like this, could you be subconsciously rejecting them?

  • @Liz_ I have several thoughts on this. First, someone's passing in the immediate area and not talking about someone necessarily who lives in your house but general area. An obviously flirty spirit. Might be someone that you'll hear about soon. Spirit is just announcing the departure so to speak. Second, might be someone from your past that you aren't expecting to show up. Third, someone you don't know necessarily but lives in close proximity to you. So be aware its just a message.

  • @TheCaptain probably? Now that I think about it, this man sounds too good to be true. And also, in the dream I was meeting up with him at a church so hopefully he’s not a pastor/father lol I don’t go to church either. I’m raised Catholic but I can’t say I’m a firm believer

  • @Dallyalot I think your points are very interesting! I hope I meet this person. In my dream my parents knew this person and I had to meet him at a church. My parents do go to church usually so maybe i’ll meet him there if he’s real lol

  • @Liz_ it's someone who's passed or will soon. That's my experience w knocking. Doesn't necessarily mean someone close like family and it's someone in area around the place where knocking is.

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