Best Tarot/Oracle Decks for True Crime

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    I am very interested in true crime and I was wondering if anyone can recommend any tarot or oracle decks that may be best suited to finding information on crime cases, please?

  • @wwinter86
    Any Tarot deck can be used for this purpose .. it is about setting meanings to each card that resonate look at RWS type decks eg 7 of Swords speaks of theft, robbery, something being taken... 10 of Swords could relate to someone being stabbed in the back ... 8 of swords could relate to kidnapping be bound, tied up, Page of Cups could speak of emotional wounding, emotional abuse in some way.
    3 of Swords betrayed, heartbroken .. 7 of Wands could relate to fighting back .. while 5 of Wands could speak of being beaten by a gang or a group ... These are some suggestions ...
    I think it would be not so good to use a deck with child like happy type imagery or animal decks , love decks would not be helpful with this ...
    I did look through my Tarot decks and this is my list of decks I could use...
    Any RWS Tarot deck,
    Native American Tarot by Magda Weck Gonzales
    Raincoast Pocket Tarot
    The Field Tarot
    In Understanding Supernatural this tarot deck could be used also

    I am sure there are others I could explore using but these are some I can see the imagery telling a story in relation to a crime ...

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