Beginner : please help me with explanation

  • Hello everyone,
    I hope to find someone who can help me with a reading.
    I'm new at tarot and I look up the interpretation of the cards but it's a bit hard for me to link them to each other.

    First I need to give you some background to my issue :
    I have been going through a pretty rough divorce with 2 young children in between.
    Since everything is coming to a closure, I have been struggling with guilt towards my children as well as fear of having to cope on my own.
    Lately I've been getting two strong needs that are pulling constantly inside of me:

    Doing creative things (painting, writing, learning an instrument,...)

    I feel a strong urge to move to another country. (Which I can not do, since my children still have their father in their lives)

    Especially the last one has been constantly pushing inside of my mind.

    I did two readings ;
    First one was with the dilemma that I can't take my kids nor leave them behind (would never be an option).
    I let my youngest draw 2 cards because it felt right to make a connection between us :

    Pentacles 10 - ace of swords

    Second one: i shuffled the deck while thinking about this "moving urge" and 4 cards spontaneously fell out :

    Swords 3 - ace of cups - the empress - eight of cups

    The order is how they were drawn/fell

    If someone would help along the way on interpreting the readings I would be very 🙏!

    Sorry for the long post

  • @Ithappensforyou said in Beginner : please help me with explanation:

    Pentacles 10 - ace of swords
    Second one: i shuffled the deck while thinking about this "moving urge" and 4 cards spontaneously fell out :
    Swords 3 - ace of cups - the empress - eight of cups

    Hi This sounds like a really difficult situation and knowing the cards are guidelines and it is truly up to you to what you do, what action to take ...
    Which Deck did you use ? If we look at the cards as though drawn with RWS imagery ... i looked at the cards in front of me ...
    Let's start
    10 Pentacles speaks of completion, coming together, inheritance, wealth (finances, health etc) Endings also...
    and Ace of Swords speaks of clarity, cutting away confusion, new beginnings ,,,new ideas, new plans ...

    Together in relation to your question it does feel as though with family coming together , a sense of wealth comes from family being together comes from making new plans, new ideas, bringing a sense of clarity when you look at what family means to you?

    Next 3 of Swords- heartbreak, betrays;.
    Ace of cups- new love, new emotions, new beginnings, new relationships, dreams
    The Empress- beauty, bounty, abundance, birth, (bringing things into fruition)
    8 of Cups - walking away, leaving behind..

    overall - it feels as though you may find yourself feeling guilty, heartbroken on some level when you think of your own emotional needs, your own new beginnings, Motherhood is the main focus of this reading and will influence your decision to take the plunge and walk away from the past , towards a new future ....

    Overall my thoughts when looking at these cards is I see the potential to move is there but yet you are being held back with a feeling of betrayal to those being left behind ..
    This is going to take a lot of thought before action will be taken. This is super emotional for you during this time ..
    The next question is What do I need to do to make this happen?
    The card that flew as I thought of that question as I shuffled was Strength .. so it will take stamina and courage .a sense of self belief , endurance through the challenges for you to achieve this urge to move ...

    You could do a spread which may help ? position layout

    1. What is at the heart of my move?
    2. What is the first step to making it happen?
    3. How can I deal with the Father of my children in regards to this?
    4. What can I do to make sure he and I communicate with this?
    5. How can he stay in their life, even if I move?
    6. What lies ahead if I move with the children?
      you may have other questions you can use but this might be start ...
      my meanings are only one layer to the cards, you may bring out other thoughts when laying out the cards in the spread..
      Take care