Can someone do a love reading? I would be really grateful!

  • My 4/17/2004
    His 10/24/2003

    Thank you so much if someone can help!

  • @VeronicaLavender this relationship is better/easier for friendship than love. The two of you are fascinated by ideas, but your approaches in this area are extremely different. YouVeronicaLavender will enthusiastically support concepts that you believe provide a basis for your own actions; this guy is more intellectual and objective, rarely letting ideas control his life. A certain level of conflict will ensue as the two of you try to balance your opposing views, and this may preclude a long-term love affair. A short, passionate involvement, however, especially a predominantly sexual one, may be possible if that is what you could settle for.

    This guy has intense and complex feelings, and your straightforward attitude may not be the most calming or effective way to approach him, particularly in an intimate relationship such as a love affair or marriage. You will generally be much too busy getting the job done to stop to argue with him, and are likely to consider what you see as negativity, or destructive criticism, from him an annoyance or hindrance. But not being taken seriously is unbearable to this guy, and if this reaction becomes a pattern, it may end the relationship. He can also be very controlling and suspicious and a love affair here would not give you the freedom to do your own thing when you want to.

    Friendship is a better bet here, since it will tend to be easier and lighter, and to favour the sharing of a variety of activities. Both of you have a concern for your fellow human beings, and are drawn to group efforts; you could work well together in a social or service setting where the welfare of others is the primary concern. As a partnership, the two of you can be a powerful force for community good.

  • Thank you so much. We are already really good friends, and actually a couple for a while now. There is such an attraction on so many's ridiculous... but it has not been too sexual to this point. Friendship is definitely the base of this. But we love each other very much. You are 100 right about the complex emotions, except he is super private about most things, except about us. You're right. I do not take criticism well 🙂 Right now he is freaking out about big issue in his life.... and having a hard time w the relationship piece happening at the same time he is trying to deal with the issue.. He's having a problem doing both at the same time. So he said he can't do it and it is his problem nothing to do with me but to be in it is not good for our relationship or me when he is dealing w this. So I was hoping to figure out why he can't do both. I am opposite I lean him when I have issues. The only opposite thing is that he does not seem suspicious or controlling unless he is hiding that part 🙂 I have any freedom I want.

    Thank you again. I was having a rough few weeks.

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