I know a Capricorn man waits for the one, but how long?

  • The short version of my story is I met a Capricorn man right before he was to take a flight home. He wouldn't leave me alone and flew me across the country so we could see each other again. We've been together and inseparable ever since and now I live with him. Within a month of our romance he mentioned marriage and showed me engagement rings. Then he took a tangent and talked about paying off bills and moving to a bigger apartment. Now he keeps mentioning engagement rings again. Is he jerking me around or is he being serious? I do know Capricorns don't settle until they meet someone special and that is pretty congruent with his history since he is never in serious relationships. Is he being a cap or just a scared boy? Any advice? He's the only man I can't read.

    I'm a Virgo (Aries Moon)

    He's a Cap (Scorpio Moon)

  • I am married to a Cap for almost 9 years now. I think as an earth sign you should be able to read some things about him since he is also earth sign, many of these should be the same qualities you have. They are ambitious and money people. I never met a Cap (for some reason I always fall for one) that is not money conscious. Just because he changed his talk from engagement to bigger apartment, doesn't mean he doesn't want to marry you. the fact that he even mentioned it, should show you he does want it. but they always are conscious about what they can afford and whether they have a secure job. I don't know if you also work, but if you do then try to comfort him by noting that you also earn money and you don't need anything too flashy. I noticed that Virgos in general do have a good taste, you don't go with cheap things. If this is true with you in particular, you should understand that he might pospone marriage because he wants to make sure he has the money to make it 'proper' according to your taste. Caps don't go with fantasy and romance. If they do buy anything expensive, it's because it lasts so it's worth the money. I can easily see his point, if engagement and marriage will cost him $ 100k - 30k this money can easily cover some bills and get you a good place to start a family, which is going to happen whether you are married or not anyway since you are living together already. as a virgo I 'm sure you can see the math here.

  • hahah sorry 10k - 30k

    not 100k

  • thats great. what are you worried for, of course he's serious or he would not mention it! I wish my capricorn man would talk to me, and make time, he's too busy! 😞 so good luck and have fun looking forward to a great marriage

  • Thanks leoscorpio and kezza. I guess I needed reassurance.

    Leoscorpio - I'm glad you have had a happy marriage with your partner.

    Kezza - I'm think Capricorns do things when they are ready on their time schedule. But good luck!

  • hi Justine

    I wish you the same.


    lol I hope he takes a break from work someday and calls you

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