Using cards for I Ching

  • Many decks offer the 64 I Ching hexagram in a tarot-flavored way.
    Most of them are beautiful and inspirational but, for me, they suffer from two major drawbacks:

    • there's no sensible way to get moving lines (which a key part of the reading)
    • the image on the card may bias your judgment focusing on only one of the many meaning a hexagram may have

    Nevertheless, I like cards: they offer a lot of possibilities, they are satisfying to touch and manipulate. That's why, for a long time, I've tried to devise a way to use them while staying faithful to the traditional methods (namely, using yarrow stalks or three coins).

    I've recently come up with a design I'm pretty satisfied with and I'm looking for feedback/suggestions. These methods (like the traditional ones) build the hexagram one line at a time, but I've also designed 8 cards that could generate in one go a trigram and the moving lines.
    Below you'll find some examples of the cards I designed (the first one is the one I mentioned earlier). If anyone is interested I'll be happy to go into more details on how they work. If anyone had a suggestion, I'd be delighted.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • That seems to be very ancient card from the japan. Now it is very rare to see them. However you can still download them online through which charge a small fee that could be less than a burger.

  • @johny
    very interesting
    do you use them?

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