Friendship compatibility

  • I was friend with 'zt' since 2007. She met me in college then we join university together. I shared my lots of things with her like sister. But there is always unknown misunderstanding between us I think she didn't understand me well. Sometimes she passed awkward comments on me without understanding my feelings. Later she married in 2016 to an older man of foreign land (UK) and gave birth to two children: one boy and one daughter, one by one. After her marriage our friendship becomes better. But from last year specially after giving birth to her daughter she totally changed her behaviour and become arrogant person. It was me who always text her and asked about life and daily routine. It was clear that this relationship no longer work. So this last week she passed awkward comments on WhatsApp status and when I want to away misunderstanding she blocked me.
    Kindly type of relationship between us and guide me well for next time.
    My DOB : 8 Dec 1988
    Zt DOB: 17 May 1989

  • @sara007 as you have discovered, this relationship can be challenging for friendship. You are both unconventional people. In the positive, where other people may attempt to correct and reform you, your relationship with each other will usually shelter you from critical and judgmental attitudes. Each person accepts the other’s unusual, even bizarre side. This relationship may be difficult for others to understand, but this will matter little to you, and may even prove a source of merriment. But as a friendship, this relationship may never be completely close. Although this relationship is protective of both your individualities, it must also make its way in a society more conservative and “straight” than it is itself; thus, as friends, you may spend relatively little time together. The relationship would have to attain psychological and physical openness in a moderate and structured way, rather than a wild and chaotic one, in order to mitigate arguments, anger and other negative expressions. Without this structure, the relationship will fracture and split. Your friend can have very fixed (even intolerant) views on things and can be tactless at times. She can also get stressed very easily and fall into bad behaviour. This relationship is perhaps best conducted only in infrequent meetings with each other.

  • @TheCaptain you said very well. "Zt" can't handle criticism she in very intolerant person. In all these previous years I invested much in this relationship but as you know that law of attraction always do work and universe take action, so breakup happened between us as tower moment. I think a lot about why this happened despite of all my efforts and finally I realised this fact that no one is granted people changed a lot. I also learned a hard lesson " those relationship which make you chase them and do invest alone, it is much more better to leave them and let them go" . Thanks for valuable response 😊

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