Love reading please

  • My DOB 4 May 1962
    His DOB 3 July 1961

    Thanks so much in advance
    Love and light

  • Both of you have an unusually strong need to express your points of view; here is a relationship geared specifically to just that. You Taureengirl have much to teach this man, but also much to learn from him about how to be yourself without compromising your individuality in the face of society’s pressures, or enslaving yourself to the demands of work, school or family. Indeed, pride in individuality may emerge as an important theme here. A love affair can be deep and passionate. You can have a deep weakness for this unusual man and can give yourself here without reservation. You for your part can encourage him to reveal his more hidden or unconventional side within the safety of this relationship. He may see you as a bit staid or even dull in certain respects, but he will appreciate your enthusiasm for learning about unusual subjects and activities. He could well teach you how to lighten up and laugh, especially by looking at the humour in the bizarre, and he will also enjoy your stability and security. In all these ways, a love relationship might be ideal for both of you.

    Friendship here would be an exclusive affair, oriented more inward, toward the two of you yourselves, than outward, as a unit interacting with others. Hours may be spent together in mutually fascinated discussion of each other’s different ways of being, and of not only daily experiences but occasionally miraculous or even psychic ones. A danger exists here of becoming isolated and cut off from the world, however.

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