Curious Question about Cancer Male

  • I am a Pisces female with an ex boyfriend who is a Cancer.

    We broke up recently and it got me thru depression. Now I accept things, and go with the flow. Been connecting more with myself with Meditation, Working out, and Giving myself time to relax. It's difficult because I can become a very emotional person. So far lately, my inner self tells me to take it one step at a time. I get compliments because people around me.. aren't used to me being "Strong" when it comes to break ups. I agree.. I can be one negative person.. and give up in life. But lately.. I've been very motivated to change and connect with myself.

    Things were tough and he had a dry personality for 2 weeks. I pointed it out honestly.. I felt like if I am important to him like he tells me I am. Why treat me bad and put me down? I calmly said "Please respect me, and stop being mean to me. It hurts when you say things that you're not even sure about right now".
    He would say "We wont be together" , "I don't see a Future with us" and so on... He recently assumed that I was trying to get into a relationship with him. Just because I recommended helping him with something. I was willing to travel and help out. I know his work schedule isn't as flexible as mine. He was okay about it at first and gave me his extra apartment keys when I saw him in person.. I still have the keys and I wasn't even asked to mail it back. 2 days after giving me the keys ( 2 weeks ago ). I calmly bought up the airline prices. He freaked out and told me for now lets postpone it.. Mumbling "they will be upset with me". I confronted him calmly asking Who? and he explained his parents. (His mother and father are divorced .. with a Strong personality ) . The only thing I did was .. gave in and explained lets postpone it till the date is closer. He kept telling me he was sorry for 3 days straight. He knew very well I was triggered by sorta words that he has said to me. Things slowly changed, and things got better as friends. How I am feeling or how things are with me. Seems very important to him. It's a blessing that he cares because I am not used to exs being so nice to me, too quickly.

    At first communication was lacking but now I get morning messages as soon as he wakes up or when he arrives at work. I noticed it's either to make me smile, laugh or just to comment on.
    Awhile ago, I asked if he wanted to watch a movie together distantly. We don't live in the same city anymore. I asked if he wanted to watch the movie that he spoke about constantly. He caught me off guard.. after finishing the gym, on a Friday night. He asked me if I was ready to watch a movie. I was excited but kept my cool. I was expecting to communicate by text messaging. Instead he asked me, "Can I call you?".. The whole time, I kept my cool and watched the movie with him. Bathroom breaks/ People would call him/ He would explain who they are and call me back as soon as he's done. Our conversation was for 3 hours straight. He recently update me, out of the blue about his phone having no service and his located.
    I was surprised today to actually receive a photo of him without it disappearing off Instagram timing. ( Instagram has a photo feature, you take a photo and disappears quickly. Instead he send me a regular photo off his camera to not disappear). I complimented his outfit and kept it vanilla. Normally if I ask him, he avoids taking a photo or pretends he doesn't know what I am saying.

    Don't get me wrong. I do miss him but I wish I knew how to win him back slowly without scaring him off. I've been told I am doing a good job with communication, and just being myself. I am not complaining I am sad or depressed.. just the complete opposite.

    I take photos of nature or myself working out on the beach. Nothing sexual about the photo. Just my plain old self. Sharing photos per day, random things. Our communication is from 8am-11pm or so at night.

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