Is anyone willing to do a love reading for me?

  • My relationship has been very tense, I've been considering a split for a while. Can someone tell me if it would be better for us and our child if we split or stay together?

  • Can you supply your birthdate and that of your partner?

  • @TheCaptain Sure, it's Sept 2 1985 and Dec 29 1992. Thank you!

  • @IrieEden, this relationship can work out for the long term but it will take some work like every relationship. Both of you have very definite ideas on how things are done. If your ideas coincide, you are likely to get along quite well, but if not, there can be the devil to pay. You IrieEden will not be interested in playing a secondary role to your partner in this relationship; things will usually work best here when the two of you share the power between you, with each person having their own area of expertise or authority. In certain areas, however, in particular the financial one, neither of you is likely to give ground very easily. Your stinginess, or at the very least your somewhat tight attitude to finances, will assure that you get value for money, however.

    This relationship can be quite intense. Both of you can collide with the force of two tectonic plates. Your love affair was likely sensuous, even passionate, but an element of control will always be present - control of emotions, control of power, control of choice. No matter how gratifying the physical side of the relationship is, strains and stresses will eventually surface, undermining the pleasure factor. Power is even more of an issue in a marriage/live-in arrangement, but here the two of you can work out compromises and even outright deals. The marriage can in fact prove enduring, being virtually impervious to the buffeting of external factors that could penetrate a less unified front.

    ADVICE: Loosen up, don't take money so seriously - what good is it if you can't enjoy it? Sharing and compromise will be necessary if the relationship is to last.

    IndieEden, don't forget your own needs in this relationship. You will just become frustrated if you don't put yourself first from time to time. Whether you realize it or not, you can either subordinate yourself completely to the needs of your partner/child or exercise a subtle control in your relationship. Both approaches are a direct contradiction to your egalitarian approach to life. At times, hidden insecurities may indicate that, instead of being your usual diplomatic self, you can become argumentative and restless. But, in general, as you learn to place a proper value on yourself, you can be a loyal, loving and supportive companion.

    Your partner can get into a comfort zone and will need to be encouraged to develop his full potential. He must delve within himself to discover the courage he needs to put himself on the line and take a risk. Cultivating a bit more tact and diplomacy would also help him. But the real key to his success is to stop living in the past and stop doubting himself, because he is bursting with creativity and has all the talent he needs to excel. He has a strong need for companionship, with someone who is successful and creative, like himself. Once committed to a relationship, he will usually understand the importance of keeping an equal work-life balance, but he needs to make sure he keeps the spirit of passion and romance alive by staying as spontaneous and positive as he can.

  • @TheCaptain Thank you very much! I do greatly appreciate it. It was incredibly accurate, with the exception that he's actually the stingy one and I often let money slip through my fingers. I worry that he would be better off with someone that is successful and creative. But then, I might fill that role if only I'd believe in myself and take time out for me. At any rate, this was very helpful. Thank you again!

  • @IrieEden Honestly, I feel like either one could have had applied to us both. I never specified whose birthday was whose. I'm wondering now if the advice for me should have been the advice for him? My bday was Sept and his Dec. Does your reading still apply as written or should I switch those roles?

  • @IrieEden yes I did mean the stinginess was coming from your partner but also it can lead both of you to get value for money if you try this a bit too. And everyone has the potential for creativity and success within them. You just have to believe in yourself - and spare yourself some time to explore and expand your potential.

  • @TheCaptain I'm so sorry, just to clarify. You mean the roles should be reversed? As in I am the one who can get locked into comfort zone and he is the one that can subordinate/ control?

    I'm not saying it's wrong. As I said we both tend to take on these habits, I just want to know what's coming forth on your end specifically.

  • @TheCaptain no the roles shouldn't be reversed but you yourself could be more cautious with money.

  • @TheCaptain ok, thanks for clearing that up!

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