What is the relationship of these two birthdates

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    I was wondering if someone could look into how compatible (friendship or otherwise) these two people can be, what could it become of anything?
    Birthday of girl is sept 9/1994 and the boy is january 5 1998.

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  • @Jodomi this would be ideal as a friendship. In some ways, these two people go together like peas in a pod. This relationship can be favorable, easygoing and quite comfy - until problems arise. The matchup goes much deeper, however, than a superficial liking or acceptance, particularly in emotional realms, and its depth only becomes more apparent in times of crisis and chaos. As a friendship, it will look to the rest of the world like the tip of the iceberg: a lot is hidden below the surface here. Extremely secretive, this pair will make their own rules and do what they have to do, paying little attention to the consequences. In some cases ruthless, in others merely preoccupied or unconcerned, they will patiently support and protect each other, knowing that their fortunes are inextricably tied. The bonds that tie these two people together have an almost fatalistic or karmic cast to them. There is a feeling that these two deserve or were made for each other, for better or for worse.

    A love relationship here can be problematic, though highly physical and sexually fulfilling. But worry, and fear of rejection, can plague this couple, and if their relationship is to retain a measure of balance, it must become more aware, more self-confident (but not arrogant) and, above all, a bit lighter. Learning to have fun and to take itself less seriously may become a requirement for its health and, ultimately, its survival.

  • @TheCaptain thank you, I could see that as well

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