Hello Captain.

  • Could you give me some insight on what the rest of the year holds for me and my husband. He had a heart transplant a year ago in July, I was wondering about his health, his birthday is 08-25-62. And as for me, anything you could tell would be greatly appreciated. My birthday is 10-19-61. Thank you so much.

  • In 2021, your husband is likely to be feeling emotional and will require the development of patience. Group activities are highlighted for him this year. So for his health, he should consider joining a fitness or yoga class, or find out more about meditational groups. The more engaged with other people he can be this year, the better he’ll feel. The focus must be on healthy emotional expression and also healthy emotional detachment. Depending on where he feels he is in the “doormat” or helpless department, this is the time for him to step into himself in a deep way. If he had been a people-pleaser or too accommodating or taking on too much work/responsibilities to his detriment, it’s time to seek out books, courses, and other tools for uncovering why this is a reoccurring issue and how he can strengthen his own identity. If that’s not so much of an issue for him, then he should extend himself and engage with others on an emotional level. Perhaps he’ll be propelled to get closer with you and decide on some new mutual activities you can do together to build your emotional intimacy. The year's themes for your husband will be about patience, looking after himself, delays, a focus on love and partnerships, emotional repair and healing more than the physical aspects.

    For you, the focus must be on introspection, knowledge-seeking, your own spiritual growth. It will not be a time for going out and socializing and being around many other people. 2021 is is all about introspection and planning and basically - you. One of the key elements will be taking the time to deal with your own health maintenance that you may have been putting off because of your busy schedule or caring for your husband and other people. Take the down time needed to do that surgical procedure, do the dental work, or anything else that needs a bit more healing time than you’re usually willing to devote to yourself. This is the perfect year for a spiritually based retreat or sabbatical where you can take in some new knowledge and test/learn new skills. Unplug near water or in nature as often as you can. Pay attention to your intuitive voice extra closely this year. It’s speaking to you consistently and yet you must be calm and quiet enough to hear its message.

  • Thank you, My husband is very stressful, any little thing sets him off. I too have to deal with his emotional outbursts and it weighs heavily on me. Sometimes I wonder how much more I can take of this situation and just leave him. But then again I feel like he needs me. You are so right about needing some me time, I haven't had any time to do the things I need to do for myself. Thank you again.

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