A reading please... if its not too much trouble?

  • firstly fom looking through the forums i'd like to say how wonderful it is to find so many kind and considerate people :).

    I'm really at a strange point in my life, strange i that i just don't feel right, i used to be that i could trust my intuition to guide me but for the past year or so i've been finding it harder and harder to tap into. one of the major issue's at the inute is that i'm tryin complete my PhD but i'm finding almost impossible to staymotivated and i'm frightened that i may waste the last 3 years of hard work. the second major issue although it may seem trivial to some, is that i'm 26 and have never been in a relationship, mainly due to shyness when i was younger. I have dated a small number of men 4 of which turned out to be attached so i ended things before they really went anywhere. also there is a man at the minute who is confusing me beyond belief by blowing hot and cold. all this men were quick to comment on my physical atrributes, for the first few that was all the wanted but the current man constantly tells me good things about my personality but is relutant for things to develop. all i can think and believe is that there's is something fundementally wrong with me that i cant keep men interested or that fate doesnt have love instore for me.

    i would really appreciate any insights 🙂

  • You are just concerned with your studies, your energy goes in your head thinking about what is interesting for you.

    Besides this are you trying to serve with answers and with knowledge. You really want only to serve. So there is the danger of an one-sided relationship.

  • thank you Hanswolfgang, that certainly makes alot of sense. answers and knowledge are important to me i like things that make sense but i do believe you may be right in that i only want to serve. thank you again

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  • Hanswolfgang-

    I hope this arrives to find you happy and healthy. I am an Aquarian female born 2/5/1962 at 11:53 PM, I have lived with a man for four years and he recently moved out of the home we shared into another home saying he needed some space (he is renovating the house as well). His DOB 3/23/1953. I lost my job in January of 2009 and have yet to find another job. Can you advise me on a few things; is this relationship dead/ or is it really just a break? We talk almost daily and we see one another often. I am wondering did he do this because I wasn't working or is there some other underlying reason(s)? I am an fairly attractive woman and have had several ask me why am I with him, but that isn't thier business. Do you see me finding another job soon, do you see us getting back together (maybe we needed some space, being together all the time)? I appreciate your readings they are generally full of honesty and insight. If there is anything that you see that I may have over looked please feel free to comment.

  • Hello 🙂

    I have been a wandering Taurus...it seems that I have somehow lost my path...I have been searching, for answers, maybe a partner?....I don't seem to be able to find a good fit anywhere that I look...if someone, anyone could help with a little direction...I would most certainly appreciate this:)

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