what does it mean if you meet someone by chance and you feel like your energy matches their energy level? Can someone or Captain please give me their opinion about this. Thanks:)

  • I met someone in a store. I asked them for their opinion about something we had a quick conversation about it. I could feel their energy in a positive way coming off them. This hasn't happened to me before(ever). Im not quite sure what to make of it. Since I met them I haven't been able to stop thinking about them in a interested or curious way? Could they be from a past life? This has never happened to me before. We also have had a chance encounter after this occured a few weeks later too. Please, is there anyone out there can give me a unofficial psychic opinion about this? From one psychic to another? Thanks 🙂

  • Like energy attracts like so it is inevitable that two people with similar energies are drawn together, just like two people with similar interests might be drawn together. It doesn't mean there is a deeper meaning or purpose. Just enjoy it.

  • @TheCaptain its the first time in my 40 years that its ever happened! So just try not to read much into it right? Thanks for your opinion. I appreciate it Captain!

  • its a twin flame sign. the person you've met is possibly your twin flame and it really lucky for you that the person you met and have feeling should be in your life. this is good for both of you. Happy for you

  • @minghu well does that mean the person that i am with now isn't a soul mate? Can you have multiple people in your life that their is a connection with? Hopefully I will run back into him at the store.

  • @TulipLilly A twin flame is different than a soul mate. I'm just regurgitating what I've read, but you can have several soul mates. They can be parents, siblings, friends or lovers. They're people you click with who are likely soul family and have lived with you in one role or another in at least one other lifetime. They'll feel like home in a way.

    Twin flames are like your equal but opposite. They're triggers for finding a deeper part of yourself. A clearer mirror than your other relationships. They trigger deep profound healing and sometimes pain, to allow for realization of areas that you'd like to avoid confronting in yourself. Meeting them often sparks a spiritual awakening. They do not necessarily require a relationship, especially not a permanent one. Often there is a chaser and a runner. People are often not ready for the lessons a twin flame brings so, they run. Because of the intensity of the feelings, the other person will chase.

    Apparently there are stages to a twin flame relationship. If this is truly a thing. I've had a relationship very similar to it and can attest that soulmate and twin flame relationships differ greatly. In fact twin flames often meet while in relationships with other people. Again it never means that the two SHOULD be together. Free will decides. What do you want?Twin flame relationships are taxing but have a lot of potential for real growth. Soulmate relationships tend to be easier.

    Again, I should reiterate that I'm just telling you what I've read. And taken from what I feel I may have experienced myself. Hard to know for sure if anyone is your flame or soulmate. Trust your gut!

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