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  • Hello, I was wondering if I could get a general reading on how my love life is going to look for the near future? Would like to know if there's something possible to expect soon. My birthday is 9/9/1994 if that helps! Thank you in advice love and light xx

  • 2021 for you can bring a restless energy that can be disruptive, so be careful when exploring the world or romantic possibilities. Major changes (for better or worse, depending on how adventurous and adaptable you are) will take place. Navigating change can be difficult. It is important to keep in mind that a more romantically stable year is coming in 2022. Any love affair begun now is not likely to last. Therefore, if you feel the urge to take engagement or marriage vows, set your date for 2022. That will be a more balanced time in which the rapid fire up-and-down changes that are at work this year will settle down and you will have a more level-headed perspective. Nevertheless this year can be exciting for you love-wise. It can be adventurous, tumultuous and ultimately enjoyable. But sensual pleasures are sticky with attachment and can become addictive. If you are seeking love and adventure through sensual experiences, remind yourself to keep your thoughts on a higher perspective. You may associate sensual experience and adventure with romance. But this year is all about change. Change can often be turbulent, leading to unpredictable and undesirable outcomes. Don't lose your mind completely in love this year as nothing will be as it seems. You will need to get out of your classic love pattern, which obviously isn’t working. Break the codes, meet new people. The kind of person you like so far has always made you miserable without ever succeeding in fulfilling you. Ask yourself why this year, and be careful not to fall back into your old ways of approaching potential romantic partners. But don't fret or become too anxious - at worst, you fail, you make a mistake … but it is an integral part of life and you will learn from it. Don’t be afraid this year, be adventurous - follow your gut instincts, your intuition and you cannot lose your way.

  • Hello!

    I did a 2 card pull, but you actually got 3 because the Moon came out!
    The moon indicates that you may be having some deeper feelings, or more frequent dreams lately about your love life! I would definitely suggest paying attention to your dreams and seeing if you pick up anything important.

    For your two cards, I pulled Queen of Cups and 5 of Swords.
    This indicates possibly an artistic person coming into your life, or if you are not having someone come into your life, it indicates a positive aspect of your life coming soon- but this 5 of Swords indicate that it may be a big change, and you know it may need to be a big change. It's time to take that step.

    Hope this helps,
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity 🙂

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