Shadow work

  • Would shadow work be more closely associated with the 8th or 12th house? I hear 8th can be about transformation, but 12th house is everything that's hidden. Thoughts?

  • I feel like 8th would be more closely associated with shadow work just because of how death is typically associated with it and I feel like once you begin doing shadow work, you are essentially reborn (I guess is what you would call it lol). I don't think shadow work is necessarily hidden because it may be plainly obvious externally to others so it wouldn't necessarily be something that the 12th would represent, if that makes sense.

  • @missnebula thank you! I really appreciate your input. I've got Chiron there and I'm trying to figure out a life purpose. I thought it might tie into helping people navigate their shadow. My shadow is something I'm both acutely aware of and obviously wounded by, but I just can't manage to move past it. Would explain a lot. Thanks again!

  • It is both liable to shadow but it is depend of nature of energy of acceptance.

  • @Hicess that's a good point. Thank you!

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