Captain, Can I please have one of you to the point readings.

  • @TheCaptain
    Can I please have one of your readings. I am having a real hard time recently with everything going wrong, overwhelmed with the amount of things going wrong and need doing, of the abuse and negativity I am getting from my housing authority/local authority and not getting help.
    It there something going on in the heavens, cosmos,,, Are my stars at war?
    Looking forward to what you have to say.
    dob 18/01/58
    PS I know you cann sort my problems but while I am working on the problems I am looking for some balm to put on the wound,

  • Jayann, this year for you is a time to re-invent yourself - a journey of responsibility, relationship, balance, love, and healing. You simply cannot do things the old way, the way you have always done them or you will keep on getting the same results over and over. You have to think and do differently which means a shift in attitude has to occur.

    Our most basic instinct is survival. But when we or our beliefs are threatened, we can take some amazingly extreme protective measures. However, we often fail to realize that the extremes we run to can turn out to be more dangerous than the original threat. There are now three powerful lanes of energy open to you. On the left and right, there are the unstable fringes of opposite extremes. The centre lane is balance, and this is where you need to focus.

    Accept that you do have responsibilities, but don’t assume you already know what they are. As the year proceeds, you will realize that at least one responsibility is no longer yours, or was never yours to begin with. Overlooked responsibilities may now require attention. Your primary obligation is to yourself, or you will be in no position to take care of anyone else, should they need it.

    This year you will want to become more self-reliant and secure, and to establish your ‘place’ in the world. You may also have to focus on the needs of another person or people, and find a way to balance their circumstances with your own. Adjustments and sacrifices may have to be made. In most cases, the best way to help others is by letting them be responsible for themselves. Other cases will require an unusual level of patience, compassion, and understanding. You may also have to reconsider ideas and beliefs that are no longer appropriate to this time or to your unique situation. There is no need to enslave yourself to the needs of other people if you are responding with love. But if your responses come from guilt or the fear that guilt produces, you could be in for a bumpy ride. When love is your motivation, almost anything can be achieved.

    You must begin to love and appreciate yourself more! You are a very different person to the one you were just a couple of years ago. You have grown. You have evolved - through challenge and difficulty. And it’s about time you reflected more of the ‘new’ you. Do not make promises you cannot keep, and do not take on responsibilities that are not yours. If you do, resentment and frustration are sure to follow. Accept that certain demands on your emotions, time, and resources will be made this year. Accept that you now have it in your power to heal yourself, and that you are also able to help with the healing of other people. Yes, health and healing are major factors of the year. Health issues may arise so that you can get to the root of what has caused them. The cause is almost always unexpressed emotions that are imprisoned within your body and need to be released.

    Emotions will run high and low, hot and cold. Justice will be sought and judgments made. Your very concept of justice may change as you realize that justice for one often means deprivation for another, and that real justice takes place on a much higher plane than most people are yet capable of understanding. Are you being just on yourself because if you are not, that will be mirrored in your circumstances? Wherever there is blame toward yourself or someone else there is also hatred. Therefore, past judgments must be reexamined and the feelings involved must be expressed outwardly. The space being taken up in your body by hate is space that could otherwise be occupied by love. Eventually, hate will eat away at your body and erupt as either disease or rage. This is a time to accept, understand, forgive, and heal – which cannot happen if the negative emotions of anger, guilt and hatred are being ‘held’ in denial.

    This year gives you the power of magnetism. You will attract whatever you focus on far more easily this year. Of course, this can have its drawbacks. Focus on danger or fear, and you’ll end up in dangerous or frightening situations. Focus on pennies and cents, and that’s all you’ll have. Focus on other people’s shortcomings and you’ll be surrounded by negative behaviour. Look for problems and you’ll find them. Try to focus on the good in others. Replace outdated beliefs with more realistic understandings of life’s precious diversity. Seek peaceful solutions to all problems, and allow other people to live their lives without your constant input and judgment.

    If you are struggling with an obligation reluctantly, resentfully or fearfully, you are probably doing it for the wrong reason. Responsibility too often implies something for which you have no choice; something that takes away from your freedom; something that is little appreciated, or something that’s been forced upon you. Love cannot force. Guilt can – and does! If a responsibility is not of your will then the chances are that it is not yours. Careful thought should be given to your motivation for taking it on. This year’s circumstances offer the liberty to take care of your real responsibilities lovingly and naturally. The balanced energy of the year can renovate, restore, and heal - if you let it.

  • Hi @TheCaptain
    I have at last read you reading. I am so sorry it took so long but at the moment I am struggling and everything seems to be going wrong. The reading is very inciteful and empowering.
    Thank you for doing this for me.
    take care and stay safe

  • @TheCaptain ty so much for you reading.

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