The Moon? Does it mean Twins in a pregnancy?

  • I did a one card reading, for myself I asked for information on my new pregnancy I pulled the moon, then the first thought I had was I put it back and reshuffled thinking of the same question and pulled the moon again....I was told it means twins but I haven't found any information on it, would love to know if this is true?

  • Also after asking this the next day, I did a 3 card spread and was again asking about my new pregnancy and I got the Ace of Wands, the 7 of Wands and the 2 of swords any help would be great I am new to this. thank you

  • A really great website for understanding the tarot story and giving the cards a memorable meaning is :

    I often look up my readings on and compare them here. Great for learning.

  • Thank for that soxo! I've added it to my favourites!

  • Mabey u will have a pisces baby the moon ruled Pisces

  • The Moon is a Cancer card, I'm pretty sure. Also, I can't see it as twins, because there's only one moon in the sky. But, if that was your intuition then maybe your right. or maybe the cards don't know....? Or maybe it's best for you if you don't know? It's interesting you got the 2 of swords, which is about refusing to make a decision or face something.

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