Runaway train

  • i'm a capricorn with a scorpio moon and rising/dec,22-my life is a trainwreck .i'm in desperate need of a reading/i'm 44 divorced two children and no direction...please help...pj

  • Hi Pugdel65,

    I've pulled some cards for you.

    Two of Cups...Love

    The Empress...femininity

    Daughter of Stones...possibilities

    9 of Swords...cruelty

    I feel like these cards indicate that being in a loving relationship is very important to you. I feel like you're going to find that again. Are you worried about a daughter? It just shows a very concerned mother who worries a lot. Try not to worry things will work out.

  • Namaste PJ.

    A divorced directionless trainwreck mother (assuming you are female). These are things that are untruths about your life, PJ; so it's a good thing they have nothing to do with the truth of who you are. For a moment let's just set them aside in order to delve a little deeper. If you like, at the end of this post, you are welcome to pick up those burdensome definitions again, for as long as you desire.

    Somewhere along the way it appears you disowned your connection with all that is sacred. Starting with basics, you have twice earned the sacred task of rearing beautiful children. This is a noble pursuit, so honor yourself for sharing your deep love, wisdom, and Being with two who rely on you for guidance, direction, and boundaries. And a cookie after school.

    Think back for a moment to the person you were right before you wed. This person was filled with visions of a bright future. This person had goals, and a plan. This person's eyes sparkled with every new day. This person willingly changed both lifestyle and Self with the arrival of two innocent souls; accomodated the needs of three other people cheerfully and with a whole heart. Supported this divine family group, nurtured it, and possibly made the group more important than herself. You have not lost this person, she has gone underground, and she has matured. Let's get in touch with her again, because she has so much to tell you, & so much to teach you about your self. The first is that sacrifice is not being asked of you.

    You feel disconnected from your self, from others, perhaps feel isolated as well. So you are being reminded that you are not truly alone. Starting with the existence of Spirit, your guides and teachers, the Archangels and Light Beings you may not notice around you, as well as all the beautiful souls on this planet, you are never truly alone. And this is where that feeling of disconnection appears, because it has been forgotten, likely in the light of the external difficulties you have undergone. It is from where we started, with Spirit, that we must return, and there is no better time than right now. Every step you take on Mother Earth IS your connection to the divine source that has been awaiting your notice, and return. She is the creative heart and wisdom, the nurturing source of all Life that loves you, protects you and provides for you every day.

    You are part of Nature, of the Nature of All Things; how could you ever be "apart from?"

    You are life itself. Your heart beats in time with Mother Earth, your organs tissues and glands function with radiant Life at all times. You do not have a life. You are life.

    From pain comes a search for meaning and it is here that the greatest transformations take place. You are undergoing a symbolic death of all that you thought defined you. As noted at the beginning of this post, what you thought defined you actually has nothing to do with you.

    Contemplating this will begin to free you very quickly from the perceptions you, like most others, have carried with you since the moment of your birth. From that place of darkness you will begin to receive healing, the wisdom of the Ancients, and enlightenment.

    The nature of darkness itself, in truth, seeks the Light (a little known secret), which is the essence of all things. Like a sponge, darkness holds an infinitesimal space to absorb the Light. By entering there, we leave our darkness behind and step into something far greater than we imagine.

    We step into who we really are. Divine. Beauty. Creative. Loved and Loving. Infinitely expansive. Infinitely powerful. Peace.

    You are being prepared for an expansive return to clarity, and are being reconnected in a sacred way as we speak to the creative force of our Earth Mother. We are all related, and we share this creative mother-source. It's time for you to claim your share of all that is beautiful, good, and nourishing, for that is what you are.

    Start a new path for yourself now. Make a list of all you have accomplished in your life, perhaps starting that list with finishing grammar school. Your new life now begins with self respect, compassionate respect for others, your children, and a healthy respect for your place among the stars. You are on this Earth but not of it. Respect the space you inhabit; respect your children's space, and respect all that this world has to give to you. Your gifts, talents, and love will propel you along, as long as start this new and wonderful journey with a deeper more loving understanding of you.

    This message has been encoded so that it will give to you a warm healthful dose of loving Light as you read it. Take a moment now to fully accept this healing by closing your eyes and giving thanks for all that you are, all that you have, and all that is yet to be discovered.

    You may find support by joining the Circle of Gold. You can read the thread in the Divination forum. My email addy can be found there.

    In love and light love and light love and light,


  • wow.... that was...exceptionally wonderful. great advice with alot of thought and caring sentiments that i needed to read for myself. it brought tears . i have felt that way as this year has been totally,children,family and relationship wise. i would love to read more of your guiding inspirations as applied to my situation. its like im looking at things differently...and i have been a detail person (in the past/present) my birthday is 7-5-64 and my parttime guy of more than 9 years is 1-21-68 . we have alot of issues and he is reluctant to discuss them with me, its like that plain white t's song when everything is wrong we move along ...well i dont want to move along as i really love this guy even though i probably shouldnt. its so confusing but then again...... i have been fortunate in some aspects concerning love and relationships but i seem to do most of the giving...i get back but in different amounts and ways which is okay...sometimes it doesnt seem fair. i guess i can do alot on alittle if that makes sense. all i ever wanted was someone to love and appreciate me for me and to meet me halfway in a real relationship . im very independant,sometimes controlling, and opinionated...but i get taken advantage of or taken for granted alot of times . im not a door mat but sometimes i am too understanding and possibly gullible as i found out recently. i still look for the good in people. anyways i will look forward to your comments on the blog . thank you.

  • Namaste HiLife.

    You are being guided to take a holiday from your concerns, and if, in the process, you can make it a celebration, go for it!

    You're trying to lay the groundwork for a great relationship that begins in the now, as opposed to nine years ago. Honor his "unknowingness" for the time being. Free your self from limitations and be open to a new vision of the future and all its possibilities.There is potential that can still be developed, so stay grounded in the now with an eye toward the future.

    Feeling gullible speaks to two things; a need for personal boundaries, and a release of expectation. If the relationship is not all that you want it to be, and if there is little room to expand within it, then why continue? One of our greatest tasks in life is to manage expectations until we can manage without them! You can learn to do this too.

    A breach of our boundaries indicates an area of untapped power within ourselves that is ready to be exposed and utilized.

    Speak assertively, without aggression. Express things as you see them, with influence and tenacity. Walk your talk.

    Hope this helps.

    Blessings, love and light,


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