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  • Hi everyone,

    I did a 5 cards spread about a relationship and would like to know if my interpretation is correct, or where I did a mistake... I’m using Rider Waite tarot.
    In bracket are the clarifiyers.

    • 4 of sword (the moon);
    • 2 of swords (7 of cups)
    • 3 of pentacles (5 of swords)
    • knight of sword (9 of swords and the devil)
    • 10 of pentacles (ace of cups).

    This relationship is currently on a rest (4 of sword) but this is not something that will stay this way (the star).
    A choice will be made (2 of swords reinforce with the 7 of cups).
    This choice will lead to a trio (3 of pentacles) - the one I enquiry about is in a relationship - where one will get hurt (5 of swords).
    As the next one is the knight of words, I’ll guess I’m not the one hurt but a passionate relationship will start (reinforce by the devil) not what I want (9 of swords).
    However there is potential (ace of cups) either together or to help me growth.

    What do you think?
    How would you have interpret that spread?

    Many thanks in advance for your time and helping me understand a bit more tarot.

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