• so lately ive been having this dream of telling my baby father im pregnant again and were having another one but im not with him . Just a week before I had a dream he was knocking on my door. I dont know if this means I should reach out or not

  • @ashash01
    I am no expert but I found the following website Free Dream Dictionary which I found useful
    telling ex of pregnancy
    using the above website I think your dream is telling you with regards to pregnancy and your ex is that you are moving on.
    "Pregnancy dreams are often positive dream symbols that suggest personal growth, new beginnings and inner child development."
    ex knocking on door
    Using the same website I have come to the conclusion that your ex knocking on you door also means that you are ready to start new venues and possibilities for the future. "Knocking suggests something new is about to come into your life"
    So you dreams are telling you things are going to change for the positive and there will be new beginnings
    That is my offering
    I hope other will add their interpretation of your dreams. .

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