Tarot de Marseille readings on offer (PLEASE READ BEFORE )

  • Hi everyone! πŸ’š

    Iwould like to offer serious readings for people interested in. I only ask feedback in return. No health, pregnancy, legal issues.
    I will read only for people I feel drawn to. It means that if you send me a request without at least say " please... Thank you" I will consider it unpolite so I will not respond. The same for people I did past readings and they took them as granted and
    made me understand it was of not value
    My readings are offered only for those who take them seriously.
    Thanks for understanding.

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  • @Eva

    Hi Eva😊

    Yes I remember some days ago you asked a question. About Gm ... What's the name of the person you want to read about?

  • @Selenite hello! I had asked a question in your previous post. I'm not sure if I was one of the rude ones that you're referring to. If so, I'm terribly sorry. I do respect what you do and am always extremely grateful for the time and effort any of you put into your responses and readings.

    That being said, I'll understand if you'd rather not read for me. I need to repurchase a new deck so that I can resume my own readings.

    If you are willing to read for me, I would like to know if it would be more advantageous to try to go back to work now or continue to work on myself during this phase in my life? Thank you, either way!

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  • @Selenite Hi Selenite! I appreciate your offer,
    I would love to know how should I approach this upcoming trip. I think I've manifested in so many ways... I'm traveling for work and fun at the same time. I'l reunite with my ex and go back to work with people at my university. So, I am open to any advice the cards have for me to guarantee a positive time.

    Thanks in advance

    Pao (01.04.79)

  • @IrieEden

    Hi IrisEden😊 I can read for you( if you are not reading on your own with your new deck of course, otherwise let me know)

  • @Selenite Nope, I'm trying to pick out a new deck, but it will be a while before they get here anyway. I'm feeling particularly drawn to some Oracle decks. It's so hard to choose!

    Anyway, I would still be forever grateful for a reading.πŸ₯°

  • @Selenite
    Please ls pls can i have a reading
    I hope you will do a general reading
    thank you for you time skill and reading
    take care and stay safe.

  • @IrieEden

    Hi IrisEden

    I asked what is the advantage you could have from working: Arcana XIII justice the sun

    And the advantage of keep on working on yourself :

    King of Wands 6 of wands the wheel of fortune

    Pulled some other cards that allow me to fully understand the wheel card and got : ace of cups king of cups 5 of cups

    I sense both paths are rewarding in terms of your expectations, but right now you should consider to return to work as it seems the main duty now. Work would allow you to experience a complete regeneration of your past, cutting relationships that no longer serve your purpose and preparing the new field with new seeds of awareness so that you will be able to enrich your life with more meaningful relationship that will be helpful and destined to help you in your path. So, working here means you could start to build foundations to leave the past behind and finding you in a more protected and positive space.
    With the second option, there is still a potential to learn things about yourself by not getting involved in a job around thus time. The king made me feel you can use this time to get in touch with your ambitions regarding your creative side. I sense you can have your unique way o organize job and probably you are more determined on working on your own and be a boss in your field. There is still a reward if you choose this path, in terms of learning more about your spiritual skills, but they could be incomplete, I sense here you couldn't reach a fully experience if you don't dare to confront your experience with others, so in this way the job could help you not to detach too much from it.
    I hope it is of an help, please let me know, thanks πŸ’š

  • @Selenite Hi. Thanks for the offer. Last year I had 2 readings done by you and I still appreciate the energy you had put into the readings. Please I would love to have a general reading from you again 😊 thank you in advanced πŸ™πŸΎ Jubisay born July 8th 1985

  • @Selenite Hi Selenite. Thank you for taking the time to read for me. You did want feedback, correct? Well the death, justice and sun card could mean something else for me. If you knew my situation, you'd know there's really nobody holding me back, but myself. Just knowing my life I'd see that as needing to kill my ego first, but not without receiving all my karmic justice for all the crap I've pulled before. At least the sun would shine on me eventually lol!

    As far as working on myself, I think you picked up on my patterns. I so always get a great idea, run with it for a bit, show it off and then it's fates turn to sort it out. If the extra cards were showing the cycle of that wheel, it would be correct. Start in with an idea I'm passionate about, Try to make something of it and then realize disappointment and failure and never get back on that freaking wheel.

    I do apologize that your original interpretation wasn't quite sitting right with me, but how could you possibly know my history. No hard feelings! I'm still eternally grateful!!

  • @Jayann

    Hi Jyann, how are you? I hope you are fine! Thank you for sitting again!

    I have here your cards....

    I asked the main topic you need to hear a message and got 3 of wands. So I related this to the fact it's about a collaboration.

    Message: the sun justice Arcana XIII king of wands

    About the ki g of wands it made me think about someone who can offer you help

    He is a very loyal person, a man who is creative and powerful and you can trust him. He is willing to offer you help but be aware not to take too much... Because there is a need to have an equal exchange of energy. Otherwise he can change his behaviour and turn to be dominant.
    I hope it is of an help, please let me know, thanks πŸ’š

  • @Pata

    Hi Pata

    Here are your cards

    King of coins page of coins page of wands 6 of swords

    The advice is to put all your attention to increase your business thanks to the contacts you are going to see. I think there is a new opportunity job related for you with people at university and you should speak and make a plan with these people. More than having fun it is more important right now to bring those acquaintances to the next level because they can help you in your job.
    I hope it is of an help, please let me know, thanks πŸ’š

  • @Jubisay35

    Hi Jubisay how are you? I hope you are fine! Thanks for sitting!

    Your message you need to know this time: ace of cups 6 of cups strength the world

    Topic is ace of wands

    There is a new and exciting beginning that will ignite you with fiery energy, and it is about a new relationship! Finally with this person you will reach happiness, I am glad to see there is a good vibe in these cards! You seems to have lots in common with this person as you are very in tune with him emotionally and spiritually. But the relationship could involve overcoming sexual issues. It seems that the purpouse is to feel this person and love him without having sex. And I sense here it could help you if you are actually feeling isolated.
    I hope it is of an help, please let me know, thanks πŸ’š

  • @Selenite hi, I hope you are safe and well during these times. You have read for my before - the reading came true and last year I cut that person from my life. However I grew close online to somebody that kept trying to get my attention in the past. We started training together online. He told me he had feelings for me etc . We were communicating a lot! However his communication started to go downhill and I questioned him about it. I am a Libra with Scorpio and maybe I came across too intense .. well BOOM he blocked me. Very cruel on his part and yes I know a sign that it could be a huge red flag. Anyway , please could you read for me? I’m actually upset thinking this could have been the one. My friends really believed so too. His birthday is 18 May 1988. I am the 14 October 1986.

    Much appreciated.

    Sending love

    Thanks πŸ™

  • Hi @Selenite , I’m fine thank you 😊. You are so accurate about everything. Honestly this person and I have so much attraction for each other and it kind of felt like I was getting addicted ( could this be the sexual issue)? Because honestly I need to stop thinking about him sexually. Also we really have so much in common, maybe because we both are ♋️ 4 days apart from each other. Hopefully you can give me an answer on the sexual issue☺️ Thank you in advance... ❀️❀️❀️Great reading

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  • @Selenite
    TY so much for doing the reading it is much appreciated. I am sorry for not replying before but have been under the weather and overwhelm.
    the Sun
    King of Wards
    This reading is very encouraging and I could have done with the information a few days ago.
    yes the reading is of help and very uplifting.
    take care and stay safe. ![alt textπŸ’• πŸ’ž )

  • @Selenite Hi Selenite! Thanks for the reading. I'll be traveling for research. We are working in a project together, they have been very welcoming. But I wonder if the reading means I'll get a job offer from them? The fun I meant bcs I will spend time with my ex at the same time Ill be there and I'm not sure how that would go.
    But yes, I'll prioritize my research work.

    Thanks Again

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